Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Right, originally the class was going to be modern technology but I changed it after I realized there wasn’t a single social studies class present.
I thought I’d changed that on all the schedules but evidently not. Which path did you take to get the schedule?


I protected Lucy, ate with her at lunch, and agreed to her job offer to watch her back during the break in


I meant what path did you take prior to receiving your schedule. Go straight through the front door? Sneak off with Junior? Jump on the roof? Get in a shootout with school security?


In the new material instead of calling me Rommel its {fname} this and firstname that.


Right, looks like a case of a forgotten $ sign. Should be fixed.


Straight through the door, I believe.I think I that that, too


Oh, I went straight in.

(We can do the last one?)


[quote=“Jacob_Tebbe, post:1888, topic:15318, full:true”]
Oh, I went straight in.

(We can do the last one?)[/quote]

Well, I do remember a route where you hospitalize something like four security agents before ending up in the principal office. Good times.


I love this story. The character development is very well done, great pacing, and I really like how much effort you put into explaining the MC’s thought process. I felt horrified reading certain parts (mainly the introductory scene, but appropriate) and was still able to laugh at others (especially when the mc could just tell everyone in first period that they were an ex-terrorist.) This interactive story is very well done.

I found one tiny error. When the psychology professor wants the mc to stay after class, he says “I’ll need you to stay behind, $(fullname}.”

Other than that, the game is phenomenal. I can’t wait to see where this story goes.


@Interestedparty This is where @Allie was referring to:


See the opening parenthesis and the closing squiggly bracket?


Huh, that’s been there for a really long time…
Well, fixed.

Also, fixed the whole “Modern Technology should be History” thing.


Missing word, found in fifth hour.

We’re no Chicago gang, that’s for sure, but around here still know who we are.

But people around here


This is Full Metal Panic in book form (which is one of my favorite animes). I love the demo and is one of the best written I’ve seen on here, if you finish this book (hopefully when you finish) it will probably be my favorite of the Choice of Games. This is the first book in a very long time that made me laugh out loud.

Keep up the good work.


A skirt wielding badass


…I did it again. I’m so sorry.

Right, so, this is what’s been occupying my time since Monday. It has a lot of the hallmarks I’m probably known for by now: anime style, a protagonist with a fixed and tragic backstory that’s left them emotionally damaged, a story and cast of characters that give no craps about what issues or topics are currently popular to talk about, a theme of overcoming external challenges in order to aid in one’s internal battles, bugs resulting from needless complexity, and lots and lots of graphic, gory violence.
Because that’s what video games need more of. Violence.

“InterestedParty, what the hell?!" I hear myself (being my most brutal and hateful critic who can’t ever be pleased by anything I do). "You’re already making two other games! You haven’t even finished the first chapter of your main project! When are you going to get that done, for suck’s sake!”

Okay, for starters, it is well known across my home thread that I have a ridiculous complexity addiction. And like Daemoniucus, this is a side project.
Plus, this was just plain old fun to make. I had so much fun that I finished everything you read here in less than a week, because I just wanted to keep writing it. That was fun. And I like to do things that are fun.

So, I have a plan. I’ll operate in cycles. Next, I’ll work on a scene from Through Broken Lenses, my main project and what I will hopefully be known for on this site for generations to come. After that, I’ll finish a scene from Daemonicus, by demon-slaying apocalypse simulator.
And then I’ll finish a scene from here. With that, I should be able to contribute to everything without anything being neglected and no fanbase feeling like they’ve been abandoned.



Well, something here and there…It’s something.
Although I feel compelled to point out the fact this way you’ll only keep the sharks at bay but not satisfy all of your Many, many fans. But it’s probably what I would do so i’m not judging.


Better late than never

(I stole this;))


Update 32:
Completed Junior’s end of school scene for those who decided to run away with him.
Leads to a choice that can lead to one of two scenes. One where you go to his hideout, and one where you go home (which will be the same scene as everyone else gets).

Since I’m rather stuck, I’ll be asking the few of you (who, statistically speaking, is probably about 10% of players) what exactly should happen at this hideout? I’m rather unsure.
Junior has been…a challenge to write around. If he doesn’t shape up, I might just kill him off right away come chapter 4.

(Edit; Crap, just realized there’s a possibility for people who run away with Junior to have not met Jessy and Jason…well, that’s a problem for next cycle. I’m going to demon hunting simulator for the next 3-14 days!)


So… what you’re saying is chapter four is when stuff get’s dangerous…


I am pretty excited to talk to Daniel when i get home can’t wait to tell him how i beat up a guard and a bunch of bullies.