Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Maybe the MC has visible muscles, since they were a child solider…a malnutritioned child solider.


If Jesse is working for someone, she isn’t too good at it, since depending on the MC’s choices she can share a hospital room with the BF.

Now if anyone is working for someone, it’s Toby.

He can find you ambushing a student by strangulation and still invite you to sit with him and his friends. :slight_smile:

Well presuming you don’t hurt him I guess, but even after I had Joy Decker hospitalize four students and work on her fifth, I wasn’t wiling to have Joy hurt Toby.


At this point I’d rather think mental disorder for him. Since this school isn’t normal, I cling on to hope that the moral one is abnormal.

I was willing, he interrupted me.


Random Comment:

Honestly every time I play as the female MC, I always imagine her speaking almost identically like Suzuno Kamazuki from the Devil is a Part Timer anime. The English version, I mean. I haven’t watched the Japanese version yet.


Why would anyone want to hurt Toby? He’s a puppy in disguise!

Okay, I take it back.


Oh you act like that’s a surprise, have you seen how I treat Vi :blush: Maxed out bar…


Well I can’t imagine it any other way any more.


So…I didn’t get much done the past week… Classes have been hard… :cry:
Anyways it’s official! The script is finalized & the comic will be about 25 - 30 pages long. I hope I can finish 1 page per week or biweekly at most… All y’all cross your fingers.

There is something I want to know from all of you though. Are you guys fine with reading the pages link by link? As in you’d have to click on a link in order to read the next page.
Or would you like to read all on one webpage, where you can just scroll down to read the next page?

I can try to upload on one webpage, but from experience, the file becomes too large and it just ends up crashing my entire computer. So if I can, I’d like to upload the pages individually.


What do you mean that you didn’t get much done? You sounds like you have done so much! Please take care of yourself. (I found where the button to like posts by accident… my L key is stuck.)


This option if you can, please.

As a manwha (no, that’s not a typo) reader it’s a format I’m used to anyway.


If you can’t upload your it all as one maybe try doing it in halves or thirds before doing it as a single page each.


Good news, I am using a computer right now.

“That’s good!”

Unfortunetely, I probably won’t have this priviledge for more than a few weeks or so.

"That’s bad!

However, it does mean that at this moment, I can finally begin working on the game again!

“That’s good!”

Although, throughout my time without, quite a few people reported bugs that really should be fixed before going forward.

“That’s bad!”

So, I’m going to need anyone who had bugs to report to re-post them so that I don’t end up having to search through all those walls of text again.

“Can I go home?”


You have given me bad and good news… I don’t know how I should feel right now.


Spelling error found in the lunch scence, when choosing to sit with Junior.

Smoking, drinking, and cards were the main passtimes, but the most popular alternative was the knife game.



If you play as a male and let Jason hit you, then sit with Jessy at lunch (while not on bad terms with her), she’ll ask if you got into a fight. If you tell her what happened right off the bat, the game just kind of ends. Has this particular scene not yet been written, or is that a bug?

And if you sit with her, but instead choose to remain silent, take a seat, and then tell her, an error message pops up.

If you complimented her during math class, it’s this one:

1-9lunch-1Jessy-2male-1friend line 724: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

If you ignored her during math class, it’s this one:

1-9lunch-1Jessy-2male-1nofriend line 1164: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block


Oh, by the way, are you using a coding tool (such as Chronicler and/or CSIDE) or are you doing this completely by hand? The tools are especially helpful for bug fixes, although I think you might be a bit too far at this point to use Chronicler. Still, if you get enough free time, I think it’d be a good idea to try out CSIDE :smile:


I use Notepad ++ for all my choicescript needs.
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Right, so after about 2 months of nothing, the moment is finally here.
Update 31:
Completed 7th hour, Junior’s hour, and the last hour of the school day!

Also, updated the cover art on Dashingdon to match the art at the top of this threat, wonderfully drawn by @Curious_Boy


Junior time! Which will be later for me, I’m tired right now :sweat_smile:

And Schools finally over. I guess it wasn’t an exaggeration when they say classes take forever it felt like months in there, Daniel, I don’t want to go back!

***That sounded too normal from their pov… darn it.


Small note, maybe I misread it, but in the meeting with the principle, our schedule says our last class is modern technology, but our current last class seems to be American history