Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



I don’t know, probably.


Yes, I typically don’t become friends with people I don’t like.

Also, more than likely, the requirements for befriending and romancing will be different from each other.


What about Toby? He seems like the sort of person who’d try.


Some people are easier to become friends with than others


Ooh can I guess on them, easiest to hardest.
Decker (Tries to be understanding with our history)
Toby (He’s a hero)
Vi (Stalker, being evil isn’t very viable full time)
Jason (He seems pretty normal)
Junior (Don’t be a goody two shoes)
Jess (As a set of bendable requirements)
Lucy (Very controlling, needs for you to exactly fit her mold.)

How’d I do :blush:


Eh, pretty close. Two people need to be lower though


…Toby and… Junior?


Jess and Jason?..


Decker and Toby need to be lower…vi already asked us to be friends so I think that’s the change.


After some thinking, I realize I made an error.

2 need to be lowered, 1 needs to be raised


AH, my grades being lowered… :sob:

Um… Lucy’s a professional so she get’s along with more people?

Toby’s militant in his hero act, so bystanders aren’t friends. And…Vi is obsessive about evil so she’s lower than Jason who has doesn’t think highly of himself and subsequently has low standards?


So… Lucy, Toby and Vi?


So @cottoncandy mentioned a while ago something about breaking Jess’ arm, getting into a fight with her boyfriend in the chemistry room, and hurting Toby?! WTF is going on? Do these things only happen in the male playthrough? Because NONE of those things happened in any of the playthroughs I’ve done. and I always play as a girl.


Yes, in a male play through Jesse uses the MC to force a jealousy response from her bf.

If you are female she goes straight to bullying.

So gender choices aren’t just cosmetic here.


Pretty sure you can still do those things. A lot of the crazy stuff requires you to stray slightly off the beaten path, though.

There will always be differences to the context of those crazy actions. And some things are locked to one gender or the other (though neither should have more or less content, just different experiences).


I don’t have a problem with the MC not being a blank slate, I greatly enjoy it in fact, and I don’t have a problem with the character being ugly, but it makes me curious. Ugly is a highly subjective term basically saying what trait one or more people find unappealing. Facial scarring can be ruled out, kids might mock that, but first they ask about it. Bad teeth would make sense, being from a war zone, and I doubt our former employer offered a good dental plan. But decent care and access to a good dentist would fix that fairly quick. Hair might be unattractively cut, but we could grow it out or short hair could be styled. Is there something particularly odd about our facial structure? Maybe I’ve been spending too much time around my cosmetologist cousin but I cannot think of any excessively ugly aspect that can’t be relatively easily fixed.


I have to give props to the author on making such a unique COG. There are so many games here about heroes, zombies, high fantasy, etc. So when I read the opening post and saw the part about child soldier I knew I had to instantly click the link to the demo.

Very exciting concept, and I look forward to playing the full game.


Thinking about it, my issue with the ugliness thing is it doesn’t really play that way in the game.

Toby is as eager to befriend the MC as a puppy, Vi apparently finds the MC a Greek god come to life, and Jesse uses the MC to make her boyfriend jealous.

Sure, Vi is mad as a hatter, Toby seems to be a puppy in human form, but Jesse using an ugly guy to make her boyfriend jealous is a bit weird.

Then again since I played a female play through in which I tried to befriend her, Jesse is really weird.


Yes, it isn’t a bit weird, isn’t it?

It should be a bit more obvious once the comic is released, though in terms of the face problems it mostly comes from the after effects of malnutrition.

Hmm, I’ve had some people make references but yeah, it so far hasn’t really been something that affects the plot. I’ll keep it in mind.


…You’re making me want to find out why. But I don’t want to hang out with Jess… oh the conflict… um… we had facial hair that she really wanted to touch? We fit one of her fetishes? She has super low standards. She’s working for the school and knows all about us?