Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Speaking of ROs, will there be anything that we need to required their love for the MC? Like in their sexual orientations?


Wouldn’t they want to meet all of our friends? Or will we really only be able to make time to get to know one of the other kids in-depth, whether they’re our ro or not?

Aren’t there three “normal” characters, Toby, Jessy and Jason, maybe even Lucy as well?
The only ones outwardly different and obviously not “normal” on first contact would be Junior and Vi.

Again, unless the mc really is horribly scarred, training to be a male cheerleader is going to fix that quicker than most other things, especially if this school has a competent coach for the cheerleading team. If the mc can keep up being a male cheerleader for any amount of time, nobody who didn’t know them before is even going to suspect they ever were a skinny-looking twig of nondescript appearance.


Jesse and Lucy are nutjobs, if the MC can notice it, I expect Decker to be able to notice it.

Better at seeming sane than Vi, but that’s a low bar. Lucy is a megalomaniac, and Jesse definitely has a card or two missing from her deck.


I’m pretty sure all of them are going to have their issues. From what it sounds like this school often takes in kids with unique circumstances hence why we got in.


It never occurred to me that Lucy’s position of power might be mostly in her head until I just replayed the game. N-not that I’m questioning my version of the MC’s allegiance to her or anything. After all, who better to make Stein-sama’s delusions of grandeur a reality?


Isn’t that what most of us do already?


Wait I’m not the only one?


No - I think every student in this school is:

The only question I have is how the teacher is still allowed in the classroom themselves.


Their orientations are in post 1787.


It’s been a while, but I think she is acknowledged as a big deal by the random delinquent you can talk to in the cafeteria. I think? I’d have to replay that segment.

Doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an inflated opinion of her place, but it probably has at least some basis in reality.


It is, Junior says she’s the most powerful person in the school.

Lucy however seems to think that being student body president entitles her to run the school. That is not a sane opinion.

Since it’s made clear she wasn’t even elected, it’s her power that entitled her to be president, not the other way around.

So Lucy is powerful and insane. Or since evidently rich “eccentric.”


Oh, thanks you for telling me! I missed that post, I believe.


Delusions of grandeur don’t make one insane, delusions of grandeur are the cornerstone of western civilization.


Don’t worry, it’s on the to-do list.

Well, that. Plus certain characters only respond to certain personalities. They won’t fall head over heels just because you want them.
Almost like they’re people, with preferences. Crazy.

Who’s supposed to be what, here?

Well, you know how in games like Grisaia and Katawa Shoujo, every character was basically their own storyline? My goal is to do something like that. So each character’s path is self-contained, and can thus have other characters pop in and out at their leisure.
Only issue is that if you decide to back out half-way through, you can’t jump onto a different path. (Not to mention, it’ll take a really long time.) But nothing in this world this free.

Pretty sure I said it before, but the MC is ugly. It’ll be more clear when the fan-comic with a canon appearance comes out.
On top of being ugly, her charisma is completely down the crapper. Monotone voice, no tact, surgically dissecting everyone. Not a winning personality and not a desireable trait in cheerleaders. This, in order to get the role, the MC needs a friend with some pull. There are a few characters that can pull this off, but you need one of them.

Sorry (not sorry) if the MC not being a complete blank slate isn’t well liked, but that’s kind of required for this story to, well, be this story.

She definitely has more power than any kid her age would ever reasonably have, ever, but its true that she still doesn’t have nearly as much as she thinks. Most of her power is merely psychological, the appearance making people believe it, thus making them obey as if it actually existed, thus making it real.
However, all it takes is one person to call the bluff…


Like a certain terrorist with little regard for societal norms?

I honestly think it’s the biggest draw of your game.

Ah, darn it. I was hoping to have at least two friends. Vi doesn’t count. She’s too easy.


Since you asked Junior is the punk.

Jason and Toby so far seem to be sane, so normies.

And the other ROs are varying sized bags of crazy.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. As a rule I don’t play female characters, but I’ll play a female in this game to see what a friendship with Jesse or a romance with Lucy goes.

I want to watch those fireworks and/or train wrecks. :slight_smile:


Speaking of which, do they still serve mystery meat in cafeterias?


Oh, thanks god! I just love the challenges to get a certain RO(s)!


WHAT?! Our lord and savior has also played (and/or watched) both Grisaia and Katawa Shoujo?! I didn’t think I could love one man this much!


Will that be the same with befriending them?