Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Looking at those socks and boots is oddly fascinating.


Depends, get Daniel to give the mc one of the more modern slim ones and the mc could wear Cowboy/Western boots over them relatively easily if you buy ones with a normal to wide shaft.

Here’s a picture of a more modern ankle bracelet.

The CIA may even have prototype ones. The most sturdy models are sadly still a bit more bulky, but maybe if the mc racks up enough “good boy points” an ankle bracelet that allows for a wider range of (more stylish) clothes to be worn with it might be in the cards. That is if the mc can be bothered to care about what he or she wears at all.
It also wouldn’t surprise me if the CIA implanted a tracking chip in the mc as an additional precaution, rendering the bracelet mostly a psychological tool.


Loose socks to the rescue! …it’d probably take some convincing with Daniel, just like any sports would be, though. Loose socks offer a place for us to hide a weapon. ^^;;;


Is anyone romanceable (i wouldn’t think so since they’re all 14 years old.) if so… will Daniel going to have that protective stage that every fathers that I see have it in them when our MC (female) is dating someone?


Ohoho~ There are many ROs in this game, don’t you worry.


The topic of romance is taboo here, but, yes, there are several ROs and, yes, they all have preferences and they will not change at any point in time.

I don’t remember everyone, so I can’t give a list.

Just putting it out there. Don’t want to frustrate the author or for anybody to get in trouble.


Jason- M


If anything, it’s the people the MC hangs out with who he should be protective towards…


Yeah CIA daddy would probably be lessr “Don’t get fresh” and more “If she makes any sudden movements, curl up into the fetal position and she might get bored before she does any permanent damage.”


Daniel: “And whatever you do, don’t run. Don’t even move. It’ll attract her attention. Just… just play dead and pray she doesn’t notice you.”


What about the female MC?


What about Vi? Doesn’t sound very separable…


“He” referring to Daniel, not the MC.


Oh, I just didn’t understand your words a bit there. I just realized what you said now.


Yeah, how’d he be protective towards Vi by separating them?

I wonder if Vi saw another evil person, would she be so attached to them?


Vi knows the MC is a killer. She’d probably expect the MC to reclaim her with extreme violence.


Hey guys lets kill the RO talk before IP gets pissed again.


Actually, I’m okay. Half the posts have been people actually talking about the characters by their personalities and such, and the other half have been speculative remarks that are funny but also make me wonder, so these discussions are pretty fun and informative to read.


Now that I think about it, I want to see Toby meet Decker. And Jess. Maybe Jason. But especially Decker since he’s a “hero.” I’d think Vi and Lucy’d be indifferent or in awe. Junior = avoidance. I want to see the normies clash with the strange.

Though the characters interacting with each other in general seems nice to me. I don’t think we’ve seen them talk to each other at all yet right?


I imagine we’ll see more interaction when romance blooms.

I don’t think the MC getting a date stop their stalking. Fortunately for all her issues she doesn’t seem like a yandere. Vi murdering your dates would be awkward.:slight_smile:

Likewise there might be interaction with Lucy if you work for her, or interaction with Junior if you fall in with the “bad element.”

And Toby seems determined to be the MC’s friend, so rToby interacting with the RO would also make sense.

And I imagine Decker will want to meet your significant other, which might certainly be interesting. One of the ROs is a punk, two are Normies, and the others are varying grades of crazy.