Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Same here. MC understands the tactical advantage to skirts. If it’s a NECESSARY part of the uniform, Daniel can’t say no. Ooooh, but therein lies a predicament.

@Interestedparty , what about our tracker brace? It’s around our ankle, and I assume it’s not very subtle? Or is it actually really high tech, and small enough to hide under a sock? If we’re a cheerleader with a short skirt, how would we hide or explain something that… out of place?


I feel like an interesting way to do it would be to have it start out black and white and have color slowly enter it as the MC becomes more and more socialized, representing the shift from the black and white worldview of survival or death to the more complex multicolored spectrum of outlooks required for average daily life.

Not a recommendation, just a thought.


Just got there. That was pretty funny.


That’s actually a very cool idea.
I’ll experiment with it and see how they turn out.

While that’s a very creative idea & I would LOVE to do that, this comic will follow the story before & during the prologue. So the MC sadly still lives in a world where everything is survival or death.
If I were to do any extra mini-comics afterwards, I would definitely like to do this.


In that case, you could do as Shea recommended and color the blood and eyes while everything else is black and white


Wear hightops! Everyone else would just stare at him/her like a weirdo while he/she just stand there dead serious about cheerleading in hightops. It’s perfect!


Oh my gosh… that’s hilarious~ Although, again, it’s presumably a pretty bulky thing.


Yeah, but we are hyper-athletic to be fair, so we could wear a pretty big shoe and it would not be too far of a…stretch


Wait, did you read that in the thread cause I don’t remember adding that in the story yet?

That’ll probably depend on the player. A lot of the backstory is scripted and devoid of choices, so I like to put in a few when possible.

I like that quite a bit too, and not just because I heave a weakness for power fantasies. Makes me feel slightly unique.

I’d probably scratch the ‘almost’ part of that statement. It’s pretty funny, and tragic. I never found real life to have a consistent tone so why should my game? Most of the time in reality land, I can’t tell when I’m supposed to laugh or cry or do some twisted hybrid.

Oh hey, someone who knows about Daemoniacus!

I like this sentence.
Nothing else to say.

Well, they’d need a Top Secret security clearance for starters. Then they’d have to have an actual interest in helping, unlike the therapists she did see (like Patel), and then they’d have to be able to keep the MC under wraps for a few years.
And that’s be less fun.

No prob, bob.

Hmm…well, our leads could always operate on the hope that maybe, if they don’t bring it up, nobody else will.


Cheerleader: what is that? Are you a criminal?
Mc: Cold stare it’s a Friendship anklet…
Cheerleader: But it loo-
Mc: Friend. ship. anklet. We have cheers to practice let’s get to it. continues stare
Cheerleader: shrinks back slightly o-ok…


MC ice cold voice: It’s from a special friend. Don’t try to contact them.

:smiley: So excited for the cheerleader part. I can’t wait, all these hilarious conversations.


What about hightops to cover the ankle bracer? nudge nudge wink wink


never gonna be able to wear shorts or dresses or do handstands with this darn tracker on my ankle either. Can’t they just microchip me at the vet or something? Seems like that’d be smarter, and more accommodating to fashion

also side note, can a dude date toby? He and Jason are the only male character’s I’ve met and I use that word loosely for Toby, since I beat him up.


No, they can’t.


Bark! Bark! Bark! :dog2:


There’s another guy named Junior but he’s out of the way.

Romance talk is taboo


No, and that is all the detail I will go into.

Have you considered just wearing really long socks?


But it would still be visible from the bulk


Problem solved.


Haven’t seen those kinda socks in a bit wow…
Works for me.