Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



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Been about a week. Might as well touch base a bit before going to sleepy sleeps.

Huh, neat. Do you know what actually caused the change? (My guess: Same thing as everything else that opened up female jobs. The boys were off in the trenches. Did I get it?)

Eh, not quite. Actually the reasoning is that, despite appearances, Daniel can be pretty self conscious and got a bit embarrassed about kneeling at a 14-year-old’s feet every morning to check her ankle brace, while she was wearing a skirt. I mean, would you be 100% comfortable doing that?

Thought that was evident to everyone (except the MC) in the intro. Oh well. Not really a spoiler anyway.

Yes, I remember being a bit on edge at the time and figured “you know, I could use a random bit of humor right now. That should do it!

…Nope, still not happy.”

Pretty much based entirely on appearance.

Now, actual news. I (might) get a computer in about a week or two! Maybe…
If not, then probably a month. And if not then, add another month. Etc…etc…
Just focus on that ‘maybe’ for now.


yep ww1 Started the change then ww2 secured it finally

news guaranteed in a week…:rofl:

Yea that and the gun thing seemed the likely two reasons


I understood that.
We will be able to wear a skirt if we’re a cheerleader right?


Yes. (20 characters)


Does our obsession with the skirt seem weird?

It should.


Btw, what’s the timeframe of the game, if we’re 14 and freshmen now, will we be seniors at the end or is this a beginning to end freshman year thing?


THe game takes place over the course of a single school year. a few months between the first three chapters. Last three in quick succession.


Ok, I know you don’t like talking about ROs, but now I feel Super creepy for obsessing over hooking a fourteen year old up in a lesbian relationship.

Hell, We’re all a bunch of accidental pedophiles now.


The brief flashback relating to the MC’s mother was quite interesting. It was saddening to read how she gradually deteriorated over time before finally dying. I can’t help but wonder whether she was a native or a foreigner caught in the crossfire of war or on the absence of the father. But I suppose the root origin of the MC isn’t especially significant compared to how they were shaped through their subsequent experiences as a child soldier.

Did the mother’s death weigh heavily on the MC? I think witnessing the demise of his/her sole source of a maternal bond was instrumental in their early age, a catalyst that might have made them easily accustomed to accepting how everyone could cease to be. Seems almost fitting given how they became an agent of death.

I’m fascinated by the MC’s pragmatic perspective, their tactical mindset is quite impressively authentic, really selling to the reader the idea of them being a trained child soldier. They’re a killer and evidently possess a prodigious talent for it given their current age.

Children are typically seen as innocent or weak but here its almost a dark testament to the human potential towards honing violence to the highest degree for personal use. What’s terrifying is imagining how nigh on unstoppable they would have grown up to become had they continued singularly pursuing their former line of work.

Most games have an MC learning to take a level in badass as a necessity to combat obstacles to their goal, this one flips the table and maxes out abilities that ironically turn out to be a hindrance in a modern first-world environment.

I get a feeling of of tragic absurdity regarding the MC’s predicament, they could potentially take on the world with their ‘power’ yet find themselves in a situation where doing so holds no purpose and they have gone from being borderline super in their functioning and slid towards defective. Its almost comical having them deal with the relative superficiality of an American school for troubled teens when the MC has experienced war and the primal evils it can arouse.

In another era or less stable environment the MC’s strong survival instincts and predilection for violence would have made them a warrior or an invaluable asset as a professional killer. But when moved to the developed world they are a menace that needs to be either terminated or controlled. The culmination of their life experience shapes them into a an efficiently functioning child soldier, they will grow up differently from normal children and the new world might have no place for them.

But there might be hope yet, if they learnt to channel or redirect their skills into constructive alternatives from killing. For example I imagine they could grow up to be a successful Wall Street executive or a police officer or maybe even work for the CIA.


Yes, but you gotta admit, no one is going to think that MC is even hiding a weapon under her skirt.


You’ve summed up very well why I find this game so fascinating. Describing ‘normal’ life from a tactical perspective is quite interesting in itself, and flipping the general video game formula of upgrading your badass fighting character is thought-provoking. I guess both of the author’s games circle around this question of how do you survive in a dangerous, war-torn world without losing touch with your humanity. By showing peace as rare, strange, or mysterious, you reveal its value.


Interesting note on peace.

My interpretation saw peace not as an ambient force but a social consequence of docility against our violent feral nature. Given how the MC had grown up in the warzone, which showcased the absolute reality of conflict in a broken society, peace would be the result of a reverse equation, something tangible that is created in the right circumstances and then becomes the undisputed norm passively accepted by all (same for violence in a broken society).

There is peace at the MC’s school as a consequence of a solid foundation for social order being enforced throughout the nation and it is ingrained within the minds of the citizenry. The problems the MC’s schoolmates face seem trivial to what he/she has been through yet they still provoke beats of conflict that the MC is intuitively familiar with responding to, usually disproportionately.

They live in a society that harbors conflict yet maintains an overarching peace. Perhaps if the MC can come to comprehend that they might be able to save themselves.

But that might only be part of the problem, societal peace already exists to give the MC a safe home but personal peace is something that they do need to level up in. With PTSD to struggle against I’m a little surprised the MC isn’t made to see a therapist. I remain skeptical that they can ever truly recover, rather they’re most viable option is to vent out their inner demons constructively.

Who knows if that would mean true personal peace or a fragile illusion hiding their true violent selves.


You’re good. Really good. Maybe you could create reviews for all the other games. If they are anywhere of this level, I’d definitely love reading them and I bet it would prove useful for new players too.


Okay, now before I have you guys vote, do know that the one with the most amount does not mean that I will 100% do it. I just like to see which you guys like more.

Now on to the question!: For the comic, would you prefer it to be colored or in black & white?

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i don’t know if it’d look good, but how about both, like it’s mostly black and white but some specific things are coloured, like the eyes of the characters or if blood ever shows up then that could be coloured.


Gasp! Gaaaasp! GAAAAASP! YES!!! Awkward cheer routines incoming!!! I’m so happy! I’m so excited! The idea in my mind may very well come to fruition!!! AWKWARDLY SERIOUS CHEERLEADER CHEERING IN A MONOTONE BUT CLEAR VOICE~!



I agree with @SheaMcD . If the scenes were mostly done in BW, but important scenes or specific aspects were coloured, that’d be really cool.