Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Will there be opportunities for the MC to become more charismatic?


Human, yes.
Charismatic and charming, no.


It started in 1911 during the First World War, after the war however there was a lot of fighting and back and forth over it and in 1939 it was officially abandoned as a “to masculine sport for women” and cheerleading became officially considered “feminine” by the same people who called it masculine at the beginning of ww2.


Oh well, might as well have my MC stay the way he is then. Thanks for the answer though.


I’ll gladly admit my ignorance when it comes to cheerleading, but I do feel the need to point out WW1 hadn’t begun in 1911. :grin:


Okay, I have a question for all of you for the comic.
What gender appearance would you all like the MC to be?

  • A skirt weilding badass.
  • A trouser weilding badass.
  • Ambiguous is key.
  • Oh look, an extra poll.

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My bad I commonly associate the m1911 with ww1
So I forget the right date 1914
It was still ww1 when it started the shift

Moving on yay a poll


My MC is going to join the cheerleaders just so they can wear skirts. So definitely skirt wielding bad assistance.


I thought our guardian specifically did not let us wear skirts?


Oh sorry for not clarifying.

I’ve talked with Interestedparty; the comic will be a one-shot that will follow the events before & during the prologue.

So… skirt wielding badass is an option.


Touché (20 French characters)


Yes, the MC was caught hiding weapons under her skirt, so he vetoed skirts.

If one joins the the cheerleaders, presumably the uniform will include skirts for females.

However, I doubt CIA daddy would mind too much.

The shorter the skirt the less weaponry one could hide, after all.

So I imagine it’s banning long skirts he really cares about.

Which means that if I’m right, the total ban was from CIA daddy’s discomfort over arguing over skirt length with a traumatised teenage girl, or CIA daddy not having the patience to figure out through trial and error the skirt size that can hide an acceptable to him amount of weaponry.


Only Daddy that’s More ok with a teenage daughter wearing a Mini than a Knee length.


I nearly died when I saw the “her boobs are too big” part.:joy::joy::joy:


How old are we again?


We are estimated to be 14 years old.


We’re going to high school in the story.


Freshmen are 14 at the start of high school


Depends on what school in the U.S. you’re going to. Some districts have 9th grade as their last year of middle school. But in this case, we’re in high school.


a deck of playing cards.