Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



I don’t know if it would count as a ‘club’, but maybe there could be a tiny subplot wherein if the MC gets really good grades the school tries to pester them into becoming a tutor? Everything in moderation after all.


After a semi-long period of consideration, I made my selection.

  1. Cheerleading - Because that idea is too perfect. MC is more than capable of the physical demands, though physical attractiveness and charisma would hold them back, so this would probably be locked to people who made friends with someone who holds influence in the school.

  2. Newspaper - Because it would be an excellent way for the Mc to get some social skills and make some friends, while still doing something she’s good at (that being, stalking and collecting info.)

  3. Backstage theatre - Because again, its a chance to make friends while doing what the Mc is good at. Not acting though, since that requires being able to have more than two facial expressions (intense and ready to kill, and indifferent to life)

  4. Art - Because art is a nonverbal expression of how one feels and I think that’s the only type of nonviolent self expression the Mc is capable of at this time.

  5. Track and Field - Because it’s a healthy, nonviolent form of athletics that is proven to improve people’s health and well being.

Thank you for voting


Oh let me guess who we’ll interact the most with in each.

Cheer leading- Jason, Jess with a side of Vi
Newspaper- Toby, Lucy and Vi
Backstage- Jess, Vi and Toby
Art- Jason, Lucy and Vi
Track and Field- Junior, Decker and Jason with a side of Vi.

And Junior again in news or art :blush: (If he’s in a closed room)

So question: do they plan on sending us off to college?


Theatre has two interesting possibilities.

On a recovery path, acting could help the MC get in tune with their emotions and understanding people.

On a non recover path, the MC is just honing their infiltration skills.

“You use smile number three, vaguely friendly greeting, after deciding that smile number five, I will enjoy hurting you now, or smile ten, I find you attractive and would like to initiate romantic relations, were not appropriate for the current situation. As you bare your teeth in the right way to fake the emotion, you extend your hand to shake a hand.”

Oops, I see it doesn’t matter anymore, never mind then.


Noooooo, music didn’t make it. Oh well cheerleading made it so I’m happy.


I’m now picturing the MC getting roped into a garage band by Toby.

“I don’t know how to play an instrument.”

“Perfect. You’ll fit right in.”


that’s what montages are for!
1 hour later
Mc Plays like Hendrix
Everyone else sucks
Everyone: How did that work for you
Mc: i practiced you all just ran around in circles listening to eye of the tiger…


Looking at some of the club choices, I feel as though I’ve made something of a contribution. Good job, me. :yum:

Person 1:…And everyone else?
Me: Oh, yeah. Them too.

Seriously though, can’t wait to see what’s in store for my MC when it comes to club activities.


Yes, it’s nice to make a contribution.

I’m pleased as punch here, not only did three and a half of my suggestions make the short list, I do believe I’m the original person to suggest adding extracurriculars, albeit I was sports/cheerleader focused.

I wasn’t thinking about it requiring a godfather moment.

I can just see the conversation with Lucy.

“I wish to be a cheerleader.”

“Why on God’s green earth do you of all people want to be a cheerleader?”

The MC deadpans “Because I am full of team spirit and enthusiasm.”


I like how Vi’s in every one! XD (By the way #ViBestGirl)


I can only imagine how a stoic MC is in cheerleading :joy:


By physical attractiveness holding us back, what do you mean?

I mean, I know former child soldiers aren’t likely to be knockouts, but do we have any physically unattractive characteristics other than our scars? (Those worthy of our time will learn to see the beauty of said scars)


Well, she wouldn’t be a good stalker if she wasn’t :blush:


Clearly, she’s spreading her evilness around the school, in hopes of one day ruling over it.


I am not a big fan of Vi but I agree that as a good “stalker” she should be in every group that MC’s joins XD


Wait! One question: Can guys join cheerleading?


Sure, there’s other male cheerleaders. Though expect some funny looks of the “I think it’s pretty odd but I don’t want to be called intolerant or end up on CNN so I’m not going to say anything” kind.

Not to mention, most people would probably think your weird already so really, what could you possibly do to surprise them?


Why not… there are male cheerleaders. I was one in high school (I was the mascot, technically a cheerleader).


There are male cheerleaders here, and nobody gives a shit.


I don’t have the sources handy to back this up (it’s based on something my history professor mentioned in a lecture), but I believe cheerleading was originally all men (in America), and seen as a very masculine activity. Then, during one of the World Wars (I’m terrible I don’t remember which!), most of the guys were off in the army and they didn’t have enough for sports teams and cheerleaders, so the girls took over the cheerleading so much it came to be viewed as primarily feminine. Kind of interesting how things shift like that and we forget it was ever different.