Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



Music club is a great idea. I wonder what instrument the mc will play?


Mine is going to play the cello or the Tuba. :]


Riddle me this what has a heart but no other organs :wink:


The violin, naturally.


Clarinet for me :wink: mwidbrvebduiwkwkrjdhj


Chess club, Mathletes, Debate club, Theater, Wrestling, track & feild, Cooking, Knitting club, Martial arts club…


The strings would make for a passable garrote if one is pressed.


My school didn’t have clubs, only the schoolpaper and an event committee, run by students and supervised by one or two teachers. The schoolpaper was just the schoolpaper and the comittee planned and hosted events like Valentines, Christmas, a moviemarathon, dances and plays ect.
Which brought me to this question: will there be events like that in the game?


Just a few on the top of my head.

Music club is a must, or at least a possibility to join or create a band. I’d love the option for being a bass guitar player as well as I find it’s one of the most overlooked instruments; despite it being a core instrument to any band.

Archery club would be wicked, I’d be all over that. Though, maybe it isn’t the best idea to let the MC anywhere near a bow, given their past and potential impulses. Then again, it might also provide a kind of ‘release’ for them.

Dungeons and Dragons club because being a geek in real life isn’t socially downgrading enough… Or maybe the MC gets pulled into the world of cards? Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Jyhad, etc.


The school newspaper would make a good extra curricular.

Other possibilities I like are golf, glee, baseball, basketball, soccer, swim team, theatre, chess club, dance club, archery, track and field, computer club, student un


I can see it now
The Mc becomes… Ninja reporter


I agree wholeheartedly with a DnD club.

I think that Archery club is a bit too weird for a high school club. I don’t recommend it.

I suggest a Chess/Checkers club, as well as a Video Games club.

And maybe you could throw in a reference or two to interactive fiction at the Video Games club, since they’re mostly seen as video games and it’d be nice for them to get some attention, even a little.


What about fencing club, kendo club?


Not recommanded, I think. I mean, the MC is specifically excluded from regular PE as to limit risks (and given how easily things can escalate in the demo, that definitely is a legitimate concern). Putting the MC in a situation where he/she has a weapon, and will be directly “attacked” seems like a recipe for disaster.

Mind you, it’d be hilarious to see, but no sane adult would think this could be in any way a good idea.


True just thought it was cool idea


Letting a child soldier roam unsupervised around a high-school isn’t exactly sane either.


It has some appeal, I admit it. At the very least, it’d be a doorway for all kind of shenanigans. But in-universe, It would make no sense at all for anyone to let the MC join such a club. I mean, you can break the arm of someone just because she touched you. Joining a martial art club would carry the real risk of having someone sent to the hospital, or even the morgue, after the MC first spar.

While it is risky, I can see the logic behind it - though it’s definitely pushing the safety margin, as we could see. But putting the MC in a situation where he/she has to fight is taking it several steps further.


I’m all up for art club~ :smiley:
Though I can see MC painting/drawing some unsettling pictures from their past or from their nightmares…


Ah. The tortured artist. I like it.

I also vote for art club.

Music club and the school newspaper also seem cool for the MC. Maybe theater club as well? Get the MC used to showing emotions…or at least how to set lights and sound during a show.


He would probably figure it out tactically and you’d get more than good sound effects. It’d be excellent as he’d figure out how to use them to the best effect…as a distraction while he murders someone.