Through Broken Lenses (Update 36 on 5 FEB 2018) WiP



The only part I kind of feel like arguing is reflexes, can’t I be happy and be awesome at football? Do I really have to lose my superb hand-eye coordination in order to move past my crippling PTSD?


One would think PTSD and a heavy contact sport don’t mix well for the other person.
In school I don’t have ptsd but I did have the auto reaction of assuming attempt at personal harm in heavy contact sports and usually started reacting and having to force myself from following through (the reason I never played football, and dropped out of wrestling after a year)
I’m not sure someone with ptsd is gonna be able to reign in as quick since often the body kicks in while the brain is somewhere else (a few soldier friends has described how their ptsd reactions are sometimes)
Edit: this may only be true for some with ptsd I only know a few, but I do notice those I know reduce a lot of their old physical activities.


Honestly, I was just attempting to be funny, something I have apparently failed at.


Sorry hard to notice sometimes (for me at least)
Emojis usually give away the joking nature I have noticed.


Also, just to be clear, I was talking about American Soccer.


Ohh right…that makes more sense now.
My bad thought you were talking about the more cautious version of rugby. I am American but always thought American football was just more organized rugby for people who can’t handle rugby :sweat_smile: I loved it in England cricket bored me to tears though

I wonder what Mc would think of most sports like both footballs, rugby, cricket and real wrestling (not choreographied wrestling and boasting)


Oddly enough, I’m American too, but I hang out with so many of international students, I’ve just kind of picked some shit up.


I suggested adding sports to the game.

I can’t imagine CIA daddy approving of contact sports, but there are some fun options.

The idea of the MC becoming a cheerleader amuses me for example.


were on the left obviously

things i could see…
Chess club, Mathletes, Debate club, Theater, student wrestling assistant. Baseball, Student Karate teacher, Tutor, Cricket, Shop, Student body bodyguard, Gangster

Things i couldn’t
American Football, rugby, Wrestling, Cheerleader, Comedy club, Glee Club, FFA, Boxing, Student body prez, Popular


Yes, being able to become a cheerleader would be amazing.


Well keep in mind something doesn’t Need to be a good fit to work.

I can’t imagine the odds of the MC being particularly comfortable as a cheerleader.

As for glee club, the MC has hand to hand training, the MC could be a good dancer.


Glee club also has a lot of singing and smiling

i supposed cheerleading could be doable and may even attract a fan base but the moment they get out in the open they will likely say no due to being sniper vunerable


Boi 100% (20 characters)


The Female MC would like the skirts.

I know Interested party is already overworked, but extracurriculars would be awesome. Especially cheerleading, the fish out of water comedy would be gold.

Edit: it could be awesome if CIA dad insists that we do an extracurricular to help us adjust and assimilate.

There are a number of scientific studies that show extracurricular activities have a positive effect on those with PTSD.


Daniel: So, how was your first day at school?

MC: I have successfully infiltrated the enemy — oh, very well, “student body” — and assimilated myself into their midst.

Daniel: … OK. Make any new friends?

MC: Negative. Excessive fraternization with the… “student body” will jeopardize the mission.

Daniel: Uh… the “mission” is to turn you into a functional human being. [sighs] At least you didn’t hurt anyone… [hopeful tone] Right?

MC: Addendum to original report: I was unable to comply with the order not to engage in combat.

Daniel: Oh no…

MC: He sleeps with the fishes.

Daniel: You didn’t…!

MC: That was a joke. [flatly] Ha ha ha. He will live… probably.

Daniel: [sighs] Incorrigible little monster… I don’t know why I accepted your case. You should’ve been tried as an adult, sent to prison for life with all the other monsters.

MC: [quietly] Lucy Stein would disagree.

Daniel: Wait… you mean the Lucy Stein?

MC: Affirmative.

Daniel: And why’s that?

MC: Miss Stein was targeted by enemy combatants. Had I not intervened, she could have been injured or worse. I deemed the possibility of such an outcome to exceed acceptable parameters and acted accordingly.

Daniel: Wait, are you blushing? You are, aren’t you?

MC: [definitely blushing] N-negative!

Daniel: Heh heh… maybe there’s hope for you yet. You know… I was reading up on a study that shows extracurricular activities have a positive effect on those with PTSD. You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

MC: No. I am not joining the cheerleading club.


I’ll probably do something with clubs and such, if your trust with the CIA is above a certain threshold.

At the beginning of chapter two there will be a bit that’s basically “what have you been doing for the past couple months?” There’ll probably be a choice for what clubs you might have done with a little mini story attached. And more factors to take into consideration in future scenes. More complexity.
Complexity addiction. Going strong.


Right, ask the community time. What clubs are people interested in? Cheerleading is already a definite, but what else is there?

I’ll take the best 5 and add it to my to-do list.


What about sport club, cooking club, theater club, art club, fashion club?


Oh! Could we perhaps get a service club? Like they decorate the school and do bake sales and community service and are all about being cheerful and friendly and getting along! That sounds amazing!

Edit: Wow, I feel kinda bad knowing I’m just adding more stuff to your to-do list. :sweat_smile:


@Le_Uyen has some good ideas, I especially like art and fashion clubs. Not sure the CIA would be thrilled with the cooking club with all the knives (maybe baking club?) You’d also need a sport with minimal contact (maybe volleyball, at least you’d have a net separating us from the other team).
I also think there should be some sort of music club, whether it be a band or glee sort of thing.