Throne of Blood (chapter 5: Zero is up!) [135k+ words]

Thank you!
For now, yes, but you will get a chance to learn combat spells later on down the road :smiley:


Amazing start! I was so engaged with the characters and the world building. Very tense situation the MC is put in and I found myself sympathizing heavily with them.

I fell in love with the knights, each are charming and interesting in their own way.

I suggest making a tumblr if you haven’t already. There’s a large IF community there and I really think people will love this demo. I’d love to see you get your work out there and build a community as you go! Best of luck to you, I’m for sure watching this project.


This is amazing so far! You can really get sucked into the world and situation that MC is in, and the knights are so loveable while also having their own distinct personalities. I already want a multi-book series!


Thank you for reading! I will consider making a tumblr once I have a substantial amount written :smiley: Glad to hear you liked the knights. The story does heavily hinge on it!


Ohh thank you so much! I’m glad to hear people liking the knights because the story won’t work well otherwise!
Rest assured, this is most likely gonna be about 300-400k in length once I’m done! I’m planning on expanding more on the first chapter, giving more descriptions for each decision you take to make it more engaging ^^


Does the demo finish at the end of chapter 1?

this looks very promising! i’m interested to see what comes next. although there seems to be issues with the pronouns particularly in chapter 1, i played with a female mc but everyone kept referring to her as a he. other than that the writing is good! :blush:

edit: here’s a screenshot of the bug, there’s more of them but this one stood out to me the most

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I love it, can’t wait to read more :heart:


Will there be option to enter different skin color?

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Since the mcs mother was an angel will the mc have feathery wings?

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Interesting story. I don’t normally read wips about demons but this one is special especially considering the mc will have their work cut for them. I look forward to the next chapter

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Thank you! I have fixed this and will update it for the next iteration :slight_smile:


Yes! In one scene, your wings come out albeit momentarily. It’s a mix of angel and demon. Bony, but with dark feathers falling off of them. They’re only partly covered by the feathers, though so you can see the bones under them ^^


Will add that in! Thank you

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Yup :slight_smile:

Not sure why but something about this one has piqued my curiosity. I’ll be sure to give it a read. Just wanted to let you know since your warnings included r18 content you may want to move this one to the adult content section once that stuffs in the game

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this is such a good start! I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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I really enjoyed playing the Prologue and Chapter 1 of this! Can’t wait to play the rest!

Really enjoyed what you got here can’t wait to see what’s next and shut up the MC’s dumb brothers and all of the other bitch demons

hi! not sure if i’m the only one but there’s an error message in chapter 1 line 241 and it doesn’t let me get past the scene where cyrus gets back