Throne of Blood (chapter 5: Cy is up!) [230k+ words]

Maybe a small bug here?


After doing Zero then Cy it loops back to Zero. I think its a bug


I found a bug here

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Thanks for the bug reports! I’ll try to work on these soon :slight_smile:

Hi, love the new update, but I have one little issue with Galena. She’s a bird with feathers, correct?

in those three cases you treat her as having fur, though. When it should be something like “grooming plumage” or “preening her feathers” “smoothing out/aligning flight feathers” or some such instead would be a better word choice.

Other than that
I asked the angel “who are you?” and got no response other than the command to release them, but then the text read:

Is that from a different set of choices or does it never actually talk back? How would we know about that? I have a theory that we might have to ask Orias about his fog theory in order to be able to ask something, but I haven’t tried it yet…

Also, you keep saying the chapter is short or just lore dumping, but honestly, all of it was super interesting and answered some things I have been wondering about, so it was honestly overdue rather than boring. Also, poor Cy, I suspected something about good old dad sending MCs knight on “missions” when he was already kinda pissy about us doing the ritual with a human and for the second time, from what I inferred. A fix option for a botched ritual might come in handy for all the mortal side characters as well! Just in case… I also love that we can still cuddle and spend some intimate time with Cy, even if sexy times are kinda one sided and off the table for the time being. It’s still tantalizing and heartwarming.

And last, but certainly not least, I love the new characters! Naama is something else, we need more optimists in the cast, always! My MC obiously instantly adopted her, even though the reckless, bordering on suicidal tendencies are slightly worrying. I adore Orias though, they are adorable, smart, cunning, snarky and so helpful! Big big plus on the recruitment front and also finally someone who might be able to teach us some things and fill knowledge gaps without constantly trying to murder us.
EDIT: I’m also super curious how they will vibe with Kasin. They will either argue forever or be enthusiastic colleagues or have some scholarly spat? A mentor-student relationship depending on the topic? Happy to have a fellow scholar around or feeling the need to assert their superiority? Being a secret fan of the other’s publications? So many possibilities!

One other little possible bug I don’t have screencaps for: I opted for a first name basis with my knights, but they still keep calling me Ruler most of the time. Even when alone. That’s true for Zero and Cy so far, I’m still not done with the last playthrough which goes Zero-Cy and Dai last. I think after Cy, we instantly jumped to Zero last time, but I read that this bug has been fixed?

The foreboding dream was hopefully entirely metaphorical, whelp, but MC probably isn’t that lucky? I’ll have to be patient and wait to see how that pans out… the last foreboding dream had some mixed options as well, but turned out alright in the end.

Thank you for all the hard work, it’s appreciated and much loved and I’ve basically spent easter playing with the update and replaying it all! Best use for a holiday!


Hiii! Thanks for the report! (and the suggestions!! I appreciate it) I’ll look into those when I’ve recovered my writing juices :joy: I’m glad you liked Naama. She is a breath of fresh air for sure! And finally I can roast the MC using Orias haha. Their dynamic was so fun to write as you may have surmised from that mess of dialogues they had LOL.

Will definitely get more into the cure for the ritual… If it’s even possible.

Orias and Kasin would be SO adorable. Kasin would have way too many questions and Orias is gonna be like LET ME GO. But also technomagika is something they are interested on, so there will certainly be a common ground there despite the personality clash… Haha.

Im not sure what would be causing the name jump. I haven’t changed anything but I’ll try playing everything in full myself for further testing.

The bug with Cy’s chapter going back to Zero’s is an easy fix but I’ll do the update later! Haha. Thanks!


Bug fixes:


Does Nora also have a scene like elanor? Because there were a lot of flirting options with her.

AAAAAND I finished Cy’s chapter.

These are all so great. I’m simply in love with this world. I can’t wait for more!

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In Cy’s flashback, when I’m being sent to prison, it says «…all because you meddled in someone else’s business. Had you never followed that cloaked stranger, then you wouldn’t be here.», although before I chose an option to not meddle.

“You’re glad to have the space to think by yourself. The feel of hot water running down your skin is a reprieve you need before the day truly begins. It has already started on the wrong foot, so you can only hope nothing will one-up it. Well, that was a fun way to spend the morning. You wish it could’ve gone a little further, but plenty of time for that later. For now, you have all the space to yourself. The feel of hot water running down your skin is a reprieve you need before the day truly begins. It has already started on the wrong foot, but Dai magically recovers it. Hopefully, the rest of the day will go smoothly as well. You’re glad to have company with you, no matter how strange the whole situation might be to prying eyes. A knight guarding his nude princess in the shower? That’s crossing a line, but that line has long since been blurred for the two of you. What would be awkward for most is rather comforting.“

this part repeats two times?

“Will you trust me not to let you fall, my prince?” He asks with his back square facing you.

it’s supposed to be princess. this is in chapter 2. (idk why it won’t let me post a screenshot, sorry)

You don’t realise what kind of horror is written all over your knight’s face, but it’s one that is quickly overtaken by her usual indifference as she turns to face you.

i have a male cy. this is in the fight with the imps.

I was trying to mess around with different stats and can’t for the life of me figure out how to get Shy to go up lol. Am I just not picking the right options?