Throne of Blood (chapter 5: Cy is up!) [230k+ words]

Why? I’ve always wondered how authors decide on who we can date and who we can’t. Like why specifically is this eli not datable? What made you go “yeah this won’t work” for their romance?

If you have any question like this, the simple answer so you won’t ask again is: They don’t want to.

Because how can you have motivation to write something you don’t want to? Unless the author works for money and you’re paying them to get that done.

Many authors don’t take kindly to this kind of question, it’s feel like you’re demanding them even if you don’t and just curious. So I advise you shouldn’t ask this again, or you could try phrasing it in a way that you just curious if there is any special reason rather than dropping a single “why”.


I’m honestly curious though. Like is it the way the characters are made or is it for the story? I’m sorry if I came off as mean or demanding. Wasn’t my intention. That’s why I said I’ve always wondered how authors go about romances. How do they decide one character can be romanced while others can’t. My bad. I shall keep my questions to myself. Again didn’t mean to come off as demanding or anything.


A) This is my first CYOA and I’d like to keep things simple. I’ve already violated this rule by adding way too many branching paths, so adding even more romance options is a bit much.
B) Polyamory. It’s going to be VERY complex if I have to write multiple people loving each other. Either I have to force people to romance everyone or I revert it back to monogamy.
C) They’re just not going to be nearly as prominent as your knights. Even if you romance them, you won’t get much content and thus, disappointment.


Thank you for letting me know. I was only curious and I’m sorry if I came off any sorta way. Did not mean it. I hope the book/game goes well and the writing smoothly.


You could just write each romance in parallels and just not making them mutually exclusive, that way a character who romanced more than 1 RO would just get the romance scenes of those ROs which wouldn’t add more scenes since you probably already would need a romantic version and a platonic version of those interactions, no?


Man This is the first COG/HG where i went poly and i am absolutely loving it


@Rhapshie I can’t get past the End of Dai’s Chapter. Is the end of the current Demo?. Because it keeps loading.



Here are my honest thoughts

It is quite interesting and I like the idea of being the third child who comes to power, obviously we weren’t the one expected to live and that leaves us in a weird situation of not really being raised to rule the same way that our brothers were.

I also really enjoy fighting against the inner darkness we carry, mainly because I always enjoy fighting against destiny, I also tend to play kind characters who generally avoid hurting others since it matches who I am in real life and helps me get much more easily in the role of the character, unless I am actively trying to play a different character for the sake of drama or setting, generally if there is a romance option I really really like I will avoid playing characters that don’t match me simply to self insert myself into the story.

Speaking of romanceable characters I really really like, I honestly can’t get enough of Dai (I played with Dai as Female by the way), I just can’t help myself when there is a Rabbitkin in a game, FF’s Viera always have me acting up, and honestly I just can’t help but want to protect her so much, I was so happy playing her chapter and was so sad that it was over, she is amazing, but there is something really adorable about her, specially at the start with those initial Flirt options, specially given that she is your childhood friend and someone that has been by your side most of your life, there is just something sweet to me about knowing and being with someone for such a long period of time.

Speaking about characters and relationships I feel like our relationship with our brothers is too flimsy, there is little reason to care for them or hate them, I wish there were a few scenes at least that could show us how they have treated us growing up, or show something awful they have done to us, so that for someone like me there might be a bit more of a reason to actually dislike them or to want to kill them, so far their antagonistic attitudes do little to make me care one way or another, maybe a scene where one of them ruins a birthday or attacks one of your knights while you were growing up, it just feels like they are a minor nuisance to get through that plays very little emotionally into the story at least for me.

I enjoy all the other characters I’ve seen so far, obviously Dai being the standout for me, I think it is an amazing read and a really enjoyable experience.


Thank you for the feedback!! I appreciate you writing this all out. It gives me an insight into what can be fixed. I was planning on adding more scenes to the prologue/chapter 1, especially a scene with your father. I’ll see if I can add some more scenes to introduce the brothers a little more.


I honestly like the poly option, by the way. Because MC can romance all three, sure, but also bc they have each other as well. Cy and Dai are cute together.
And as for the brothers… it’s subtle, but you did include a lot. In Cy’s flashback they mention being burned for fun, in Dai’s flashback depending on your choices you learn how they buried you alive I think? Or just broke your stuff and threw it away. They mention in the library scenes and during the fight how much hallucinations and mindfuckery they’re used to and there’s the scene after the sparring where the other one comes to harrass MC and injures Zero… So it’s not like there’s no basis to judge the relationship on, it fits with the MC trying to be nonchalant about it, bc well, that’s just their baseline for normal and they are totally not hurt by it. Totally. There’s also mention of bullying getting better bc Dai, Zero and Cy actually fought back for them or repelled the lesser demons at least. Especially Zero, who got lots of recruitment offers.

It’s only that you decide how you feel about them before you learn most of it that maybe makes it feel like there’s stuff missing. And the choices for how you feel about your father are explained AFTER choosing how you feel a little, but I think at least a couple short flashbacks for content in that regard would actually be pretty nice. Explain whether he actually shielded them from being killed, they just had too much dormant magic to actually die from the attacks or there might have even been some hidden reason for wanting MC to stay alive…

So all in all, I really like the writing and characters and the poly option to have our very own little harem family is perfect bc I’m not much for having to replay endlessly to get all paths and want it all in a single playthrough if possible. So honestly thank you for that! I hope the writing goes smoothly and time, muses and circumstances are on your side for it!


Hiii! OMG! Thank you so much for your kind words. If there’s anything I tend to do, it’s question and doubt myself. I am too easily influenced by others :moyai: so this means a lot haha!! I’m glad you are enjoying it :heart: The next chapter is around 22k words already and hoooopefully will be released early-mid April!


Welp, just finished Dai’s chapter. How damn great was that?!

It’s been a while since I played last, its great to see the game fleshing out all the more.

My only complaint is Zero, honestly. There are a lot of options for him, but as a straight guy going the 2f/1m route, I’d love a bromance option. I might not be interested in swapping spit with Zero, but I’d love to be physically close and call him a proper, true brother to me. Let me hug my boy without a stiffy, please. :')


Noted!! :slight_smile: Glad you’re enjoying it so far.


Much love, Rhapshie. Keep up the great work and I hope you’re having fun with it!


Cy’s chapter is out, lads.

Enjoy! Let me know if there are any bugs (there will be…)


Great news, nice job

Maybe u should change the title since it’s labeled as Dai’s update which might confuse some of us. Great update though

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WOOPS! Thank you.