Throne of Blood (chapter 3 is up!)

Cy never actually denied your assumptions if you do confront them about it.

But yeah maybe I should add another option for the MC to think that it’s not intended for them, but instead maybe to protect them


I was mostly thinking that some people might choose to believe in Cy anyway and goes through with it, and if they feel wary about Cy, they won’t choose to spend some time with them :smiley:

But some people might not think about it that way, so thanks for this perspective - I’ll see if I can revisit the scenes!


To specify: Some readers might explicitly be looking for a way to have a private moment with Cy in order to address that, and being given a moment where you can be romantic but not get clarification makes the Heir seem either trusting, or dreadfully impulsive. That was what I was trying to do when I entered the scene, thanks for taking the time to listen to what I had to say. :blush:


Ohhhh!! I get it. I never thought about it that way ^^ thanks so much for this!! I’ll definitely improve it!


Yeah, for me personally, my guesses would be either “this is just for protection” OR “perhaps he did intend to kill me a long time ago, but he obviously hasn’t done so, so he must have changed his mind after meeting me”


I thought the same thing, considering that somewhere it was said that the ritual had side effects on Cy, I guessed that at first she didn’t totally trust us or she was afraid of us and that’s why she got the dagger but she changed her mind at some point.


I just read all three chapters. Love it so far. I am curious to know where its going though. I would be interested to learn more about the demon realm and the other political players, nobles, if the MC has any cousins that might cause trouble for him, did any of his brothers have kids that might seek revenge, etc. Im also super intrigued by his moms side of the family, the people in the heavenly realm, if his family(mom, gramps, angel halfsiblings) are alive there, etc. And don’t even get me started on all the other races, the orcs, beastkin, humans and whatever else might exist in this world. I think the author has definitely set himself up very well with tons of different potential plotlines and points of conflict. I’m really looking forward to the next few chapters to see where this goes. So far, the story telling is very impressive. And i loooove the brutality and extensive gory detail. Very refreshing to see a writer FULLY go there and not be shy about it.


So, I did notice that Female Cyan pronouns switches from time to time. It happened a few times before this but i didn’t think to screenshot those.

I think one of the mistakes happened at the dagger scene When we realize what Cyans plan was, right before jumping out the window, it refers to her as a “him”.


Art is pog, good job :+1:


Thank you! My current variable for Cy’s pronoun is cy_he and cy_him so sometimes when my plot bunny is running rampant I just forget to add the variable and instead slap the pronoun only.

Will there be more ROs. I would like more female ROs if you don’t mind.

No more plan for more ROs

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