Thrice Foxed Achievement

In Choice of Kung Fu, there is a hidden Achievement called Thrice Foxed. How does one get it?

If you have to outwit the Fox spirit three times, where does it occur?

I pierced her first encounter with her in the trap. Then I spotted her on the way to Zhuge Mei as an old woman needing help with her pack. The third time was a young girl on the mountain

Could the Achievement be bugged?

You have the option of actually ending up in a relationship with the fox spirit- and there’s a part where the fox spirit offers to poison a competitor. Wise choice is to turn down the offer. Don’t know if achievement is for getting tricked three times or not getting tricked, but hope this helps.

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Yep, I did the relationship, and turned down the poison as well as the previous ones. I don’t get the Achievement. And in fact, you can get Double Foxed appearing twice…if you go through the three parts I mentioned.

That is why I asked if it was bugged.

I second Lys’s query. I have “unlocked” the Double Foxed achievement twice in a single game, but never received Thrice Foxed.

I think there’s a bug, too.