Thoughts on Lightsavior's POSSIBLE story


I am considering writing a Cog but the main problem is it would be short as I’m still in secondary. School but I would like some community input it would be a scfi fantasy story


Short stories are a great way to learn choicescript. I’d suggest just plunging in and writing it though, it’s the easiest way to get things done instead of asking for community input first. Write what you want to.

If you do decide to create a WIP thread, then you might want to supply some more details of what you plan to write.


Thanks for the advice I just need to plan out a basic story first thanks


Do something short and simple. Aim more at getting something finished as opposed to something long and epic.

Being in secondary school shouldn’t be an issue. The first ever writer of a Hosted Game was still in school and young enough that he needed his parents to sign the contracts from what I recall.


I’m on the same boat then I will start work on story in the morning and the coding on Monday when I have access to a computer night bud


Hey, I’m still in high school too and I’m slightly more than 50% done with my game. Hopefully I should be getting published in the next 2-3 years. You can do anything!