Thorns of Humanity (Game Idea)

It’s the year 2318, and humanity has just entered a higher level of sentience. The implementation
of quantum physics and advanced technology has allowed humans to further elevate their lifestyle.
The spatial aeronautics industry has also boomed with the invention of warp drives and wormhole
teleportation. The first spaceship, dubbed Zephyr I, was built from newly discovered elements,
and tasked to explore the final frontier. You, a Private of The 1st Designated Interstellar Resettlement Troop (DIRT) of The United States Army, was assigned to board the vessel and offer protection for would be colonists. Unfortunately, the ship was never found and was presumed to be Lost In Space. Little did they know, that it had crash landed on a foreign planet several lightyears from the Solar System. You, the sole survivor, has to now fend for yourself in an unknown and possibly hostile world. Facing vile beasts, hostile tribes, and other fellow alien spacefaring empires who seek to expand their infuence and grasp in the galaxy, you have only one option, survive or die trying.

This is my game description currently. Am planning to write out the prologue once I settle down in using Choice Script. But before that can anyone gauge their interest in this game I’m planning to write?


Sounds pretty interesting!

I hope we’ll find a way to leave this planet! :stuck_out_tongue: (boarding an alien spaceship…)

Sounds interesting and unique :slight_smile: don’t think there’s any other similar games currently. So the planet would be like a stone age planet or very early civiliaation? That’s what I imagined anyhoo, no technology and if there’s any buildings they’d be equivalent to mud huts. I’d need more info to get a better idea. But it sounds good :slight_smile: as I’m imagining everything from getting back in touch with your team or what not to becoming a God of this planet, convincing them via technology that you’re a God or something :stuck_out_tongue: .

Important question…
Can I get freaky with an alien?
(I’m so sorry I had to ask lmao)
On a serious note: This game sounds super interesting although I’d probably like… die a million times… I still would love to try and play it.


Sounds like an awesome idea. I’m also curious about relationships in this game (not necessarily romantic) but since there are no other human survivors will we be able to befriend/build a team out of aliens :alien: or are we solo?

Interesting concept, I had a DM do this to a friend of mine and myself in an RPG we played. We were the only 2 survivors of a crash on a planet with deadly critters, weird aliens and no technology. It was fun exploring, nearly being eaten, learning a new language, befriending the aliens and learning technology so that we could eventually make our way back into space.

So I look forward to seeing where this goes and the interesting critters and aliens along with the struggle for survival.

Well I was planning to set up this game in 2318 which is 300 years from now so definitely technology is involved and every species will have their own special technology and features

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Imagine describing that scene though :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Sounds interesting will we get to romance the aliens and we can choose the gender


You’ll just have to wait and see friend!!!

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Hi. Have you watched Avatar? Those blue aliens movie? The original idea was something like that. Its basically a mash up of several movies. But only the parts I find rather interesting or suitable to be added. I won’t tell what the scenes and what not are going to be like. Neither the description of the alien race, because that would just suppress the suspense. What you can count on, is there will be some aspects from Avatar implemented, but in an entirely different manner to preserve my story’s originality.

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Awesome. I hope this story doesn’t disappoint when it’s done.

This is where it gets interesting, I plan to allow the user to have that option, each route/path will play out with different outcomes that may evidently lead to a grand climactic ending with one final option.

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Oh I see, cheers :slight_smile: . In that case I wonder how the planet you land on compares to yours in terms of technology. Nope not keen on avatar, don’t kill me :stuck_out_tongue: .


Will it be a space Robinson Crusoe. All alone for years and years developing technology as you go or taking it from your crashed ship. Or will interaction with others start right away.

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You have caught my attention as soon as you mentioned quantum physics. Now will there a sort of crafting system to make weapons and survive like ZE or will it more run like versus

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I like it but Lieutenant major looks awkward that never was the rank that ever existed. It would be better with like Lieutenant Commander

You boldly went where none had gone before.

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@Beast_Rabban hmm, I’m more inclined on a Avatar like game. But it may change with flow depending on how I see fit.

@Cajun_Turk glad to hear it. Yes there will be a crafting system. Have you played No Man’s Sky? That was the inspiration. It’s a rough idea of how this game would work. OFC it won’t be very “sandbox”-ish type of game as there would be no end goal. Think of it as Mass Effect games which have an actual campaign storyline.

@Rogar I agree LoL, I’m not very familiar with army ranks, I just came up with something so that I will be able to post it here. Don’t fret, it shall be amended!!!

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Hi guys, i need help with the script writing. i’ve written a part where you first choose your ethnicity (5 options) folowed by anothe choice of gender( guy or girl) followed by hair colour( another 5) and eye colour (another 5). I cant seem to get it to work. help would be very mych appreciated.