This makes me a little uncomfortable


I personally feel no medium should be censored especially literature. Censorship robbed the author the right to properly express themselves .


Hey, aren’t you that guy who was on the Guenevere thread who implied that the forumgoers here were somehow suppressing or preventing the author from writing marital rape for “realism”, and when people got angry at you for suggesting as such you defending yourself saying “I am against censorship”, despite the fact that jeantown had never implied that they want to write rape?


Yeah and give pornographic and pederasty racist content to children. If they are perfect label and age gated I have no problem. But Then find that a porn scene in a 12 years old book of course I will flag them. Label well your product.
Rape pederasty and all that should be inadult separate market not in normal media


Censorship is when a government prevents authors from publishing what they want.

When the publishers do it, it’s just business. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This potential for offense has some writers scared. Young-adult author Susan Dennard recently hired a fan to review her portrayal of a transgender character in her “Truthwitch” series.

“I was nervous to write a character like this to begin with, because what if I get it wrong? I could do some major damage,” Dennard said. But, she added, she felt the voice of the character was an important one that wasn’t often portrayed, so she hired a fan, who is a transgender man, just to be sure she did it right.

For authors looking for sensitivity readers beyond their fan base there is the Writing in the Margins database, a resource of about 125 readers created by Justina Ireland, author of the YA books “Vengeance Bound” and “Promise of Shadows.” Ireland started the directory last year after hearing other authors at a writing retreat discuss the difficulties in finding people of different backgrounds to read a manuscript and give feedback about such, well, sensitive matters.

Literally what is wrong about this.

##What is censorship about this. By fucking God.


I don’t know I found it normal. like I try to asking help nb and trans to thinking about my content.
I would have pissing the same people I am trying to include . I still want to include them so I willing to listen people who are like the character I want to include. I don’t consider that censure just make your story better and more realistic.


Yeah if censorship is “being racist and sexist and not caring about what others think or how this affects minorities in my work” is a thing then big yikes.

Please read this. It’s satire but basically sums up my feelings about this entire “argument”.


I’m more worried this could be a trend that could extend futher. Normally the publisher to read the book and understanding that this was an OK for their audience.


Oh no, Donnerwetter! Minorities are being consulted for how their characters should be portrayed in fiction!

I’m worried this will become a trend that will expand futher. Whatever the fuck should we do?


And now they’re hiring other people to read the books for them, in order to make the books more appealing. As long as the government stays out of it, I fail to see how it’s censorship.


Do you know that the american government used to blacklist movies because they were too “communist” for their tastes so literaly anything they disliked could be put on that list? We moved away from that. This isnt cencorship its quality control. With the amount of garbage on the market its welcomed.


The publishers are asking for it though so it should be fine, if this was REQUIRED and the publisher did not want it that would be another story i think :thinking:


Aren’t you the guy who kept track on who liked something not to your liking?

[quote=“ParrotWatcher, post:10, topic:24069”] As long as the government stays out of it, I fail to see how it’s censorship.
By definition.


Ah yes, “liked something not to my liking”. As in, pressured the author to put rape into her story when she had explicitly said she didn’t want to.

Alright. That’s what we’re calling it now.[quote=“Doomspeak, post:13, topic:24069”]
By definition.


I had a conversation with her about that privately. Because for series was picking and choosing what they want to do use specially the significance of bloodlines. Honestly why do you feel the need to be so antagonistic with me on this forum it’s infuriating because you’re incredibly passive aggressive about it. If you want to talk to me you can FaceTime me if you live in my area and you can meet me with them sit down chat and have a coffee, but this Anonymous passive aggressive is just aggravating.


nothing in the article suggests censorship. nor anything that needs censoring.

nonetheless, opinions on censorship? “censorship is bad, mmkay”, though offensive materials should be marked as such.


To be fair with Tea you werent very reasonable last time we discussed so I understand why they would be cautious about your motivations with this post.


No offense but how many people do you think will jump at meeting a stranger from the internet just like that? You know stranger danger and all that…


I don’t meet up with cis people, sorry. :thumbsup:


So what was it, “implied” or “pressured”?
I’m more curious about what a dictionary has done to you, though.

A necessary evil that should be kept to a minimum.