These Reluctant Years (WIP) - Last updated: August 11th, 2021

Thank you for the help.

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I think you need to be traditional, have a good relationship with your father, and be a foe of Lázaro. You may not need all of the above though.


Thanks @Felix_Jones

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Felix_Jones is correct. You will also be accepted if you are not a “deviant” and meet three or more of the following criteria: you’re a traditionalist, you’re an isolationist, you have a greater reputation among Society than the Outcasts, you do not have a positive relationship with Lázaro, and/or you have a positive relationship with your father.

No problem! (:


I do enjoy the inclusion of binary trans people but as a trans person I couldn’t finish it, all the transphobia made for a kind of stressful experience for me. Best of luck with the game, though!


Oh! I’m sorry to hear that, and hope you’re feeling better, now. ):
I wish there were a way to gauge people’s individual responses to a given game’s content, because the content warnings admittedly encompass a very broad spectrum/definition of -phobic content. ):

Thank you very much! (:

There is a new update available for the members of my Patreon page! This update will be accessible by the public one week from today. In the update, I’ve completed chapter 4 (including romance interactions between MC2 and other characters), fixed some spelling/grammar and continuity errors, and written some 113,900 more words.

There are also weekly developer insights that I’ve started doing and new lore/supplementary content, commissioned artwork, and polls that I’m adding constantly, so if that sounds like something you would be interested in, consider becoming a patron!


There’s a new update up! In this update, I’ve:

  • Completed chapter 4.
    • Including romance interactions between certain characters and MC2.
  • Fixed various grammar, spelling, and continuity errors.
  • Added some 114,000 words.

Follow my Tumblr blog or join my Patreon page to see additional lore, what-if scenarios, and early updates! You can also always feel free to ask/tell me anything on this thread! (:


I gave this game a second shot and I really enjoy it! I’ll just have to be mindful of my mental health while playing. Quick question, do you think we could date Lazaro (I think that’s his name? I don’t remember it exactly lmao) in the future?


I’m glad you’re enjoying it! (:

Yes, please! You make sure to take care of yourself – one’s mental health is more important than me retaining readership.

You remembered it right!

EDIT: I was a little wrong – you forgot an accent over the first “A” in his name, lol.

I guess that depends on how you mean “date”… MC1 can go on a little “date” with him if you choose to attend Gensburg College, go to Belvidere’s party, look for others at the party, and accept his invitation to go for a walk. MC2 gets a similar “alone time” experience with him if you choose to have them stay with the radicals during the summer after the expedition. If you’re just talking about him being a(n) (a)romantic interest in general, though, then the answer is “yes” for both main characters! (:


Notice About the Frequency of Future Updates

So, some of you may know that I was working on Years while trying to find another job. This week, that finally happened! And while that means a more stable life for me, it also means that I will have less time to work on personal projects. I’m not going to stop writing Years or go on hiatus or anything, but I wanted to let people know that updates will be slower than they have in the past.

I will, of course, still be (inter)active with everyone on the forum thread, Tumblr, and Patreon. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day! (:


First, congratulation on finding a job! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Second, sorry for taking so long to play this update, I had a backlog and I’m also busy with a move :sweat_smile:

Now, with that being said, cool update, and I’m so thrilled about the Heroes being revealed!
At this point, I’m mostly curious about what will happen next, really!

The one small issue I had (nothing much):
If both MCs are with the Radicals (or well, at least if MC2 is with them) and I talk to Laz, the “What do you think about the Heroics?” and the “What do you suppose the Heroics want to talk about?” options don’t disappear once selected.


Thank you! (:

Haha, it’s fine! I hope everything went well with moving!

Lots and lots of drama!

Got it! It should be fixed in the next update. (:


So, in this wip I can make my two mc´s romance eachother? 10/10


That’s right!

Thank you! (: