There are Zombies, Where do you go!?


I head out the city find a secure building, check group for anyone can disrupted the group’s karma kick them out or feed to zombies, grow vegetables for food and learn to fire a gun. Or find a cure quickly by consulting medical journals


I love how most people are so optimistic about their chances in this setting. Its great to know there are so many people capable of surviving in the absence of modern infrastructure, food production, and water supplies, and under constant threat of attack from people dead or alive. :stuck_out_tongue:



If they are Romero zombies I’m 80% confident I could survive at least a few months. I know a few places which would help delay zombies enough so my lack of skill isn’t as much of an issue. Against running zombies I’m 90% sure I’d get eaten (remaining 10% is using said places to merely delay the inevitable).


I’m pretty sure as you go youll learn more and more on how to survive, and gather food, there is a zombie Sim i’d like to show everyone its pretty damn fun!

It’s pretty damn hard though I played like 8 Games and never survived past the 3rd day which leads me to believe that im still in a learning curve and I think anyone who plays it will die their first like 10 games this is where all new players usually die

-Run out of ammo(ammo is rare and youll need a team of people who have great searching skills but most likely… you wont get a team of good searchers which is I think automatic fail even if you try your hardest, You should just have a naturally good team because a naturally shit team will be harder to work(waaay more if your new) with and you’ll find out 5 crappy people searching a 3 bedroom house becomes a 8 hour task X_X)

-You need to get guns from a police station or something, but there is always like 30+ zombies in the building so you can never directly go in so I always would go search other players for guns and then would always run out of ammo finding guns and ammo are hard but you probably have to lure zombies out of the police station somehow

-There is ALWAYS a tiny chance of one of your survivors being infected during zombie contact which you will be exposed to numerous zombies on the way, although being bitten isn’t a 100% death kind of thing, but the survivor may cripple your med packs(not all the time but most) and the prime focus is turned from getting out and finding weapons to taking care of one person(usually they may still be of use but rarely)

-usually on the second day you will run into a problem which is usually called a dilemma
and dilemmas happen everyday but they get more like OMFG on the way the second day I ALWAYS got dilemmas that are like “Hey EVERYONE DIES TODAY!!!” I always got dilemmas where I assume you need guns like to fight off an angry mob of humans who want to kill one of your survivors or a SUPER ZOMBIE comes and destroys your shit like it’s nothing

-And last but not least! Your survivors will always have a distrust issue going into the game so your group will never be all “WE ARE FRIENDS!” it’s always like “IM RACIST, I DONT LIKE YOU YOUR RICH! I DONT TRUST MEN!!!” so everyone has these problems going in which adds more to the game but at the same time when good things happen in the game people start to bond and give each other buffs and whatnot and you can spread rumors to the other survivors about another survivor being a celebrity or helping charities and they will feel closer to that person or even give your survivors a dark past but the game usually is randomized so if bad things just keep happening you will have a really hateful group of people and your survivors will even try to KILL one another like poisoning each other or downright murdering another which is not good for morale!

So its a very hard game because the learning curve and you also have chances against you though this game takes smarts, and tactics, but LUCK feels like a pretty big factor too but then again Im still learning.


For me, zombies has always been a backdrop in the apocalypse. They’re dumb, they may be slow, and there are a variety of ways to incapacitate them without destroying the brain (outright). However, what’s really tough in my mind is having to survive without modern infrastructure and services. For example, in the winter time, without people to clear the roads of snow, you won’t be able to get anywhere at all. When the water treatment facilities stop working, you no longer have access to safe drinking water except from bottled water (and those will be among the first things to be plundered along with food). No water also means no means to wash your hands or otherwise clean yourself, so disease is also a huge concern. Most dangerous of all - raiders, who are probably better armed than you and quite a lot more clever than those roaming zombies will be a constant threat to your life and your valuables. In fact, raiders are so dangerous that chances of survival decreases exponentially as the total number of survivors increase.



Very good points. Survivors pose a greater threat than the zombies.


I already had a plan. Stack up all my food, medicine and water along with my pc up on the top floor of the house and, well, destroy the stairs, making them have no way to get up. Since my house is properly secured, they’ll have a hard time even getting in, giving me more time.


I would go the Opposite direction.



On what? the guy destroying the stairs and living in the attic or whatever or zombies being number one threat? or if you saw a short guy in golden chainmail owning zombies with ninja shurikens?


I see some very good plans here. Assuming that the outbreak lasts a long time though, food sources and water could get scarce. What are your plans for finding alternate food/water supplies? If my plan works out I won’t really need to worry about that (assuming I get taken in). There are a number of traditional aboriginal communities (who I have spent some time with and plan on going to if there is an outbreak, assuming I get to my plane) who have lived the same way for thousands of years. And we would be safe from the zombs as to get there alive requires driving for days on end with a good amount of supplies, or flying, which is how some things are taken to the communities (on rare occasions). The dead would die long before they reach us.


I have breathing problems (though not as bad as @2Ton 's), like I’ve said on other forums I’m 13 so I can’t drive, I can shoot fairly well (my great uncle has a lot of guns, but I don’t have any except for a Red Rider bb gun :frowning: ), I can fix a lot of things, and I am currently learning martial arts. So IF I had transport I think I would go to my great uncle’s house (the one mentioned above, he lives in the country). I live in the country (so I have a aquifer) but I don’t have a very defensible house, so overall if I have transport I live, if not then I probably die.


Well, I do Kendo so I guess I can just wack them with my Shinai!!


Guns doesn’t mean survival. The noise will attract more zombies and then there is the issue of ammo


Yah, exactly unless you can make a homemade silencer like you can stick a pineapple or a potatoe on the end of your gun and it should work like a silencer but im pretty sure the fruit will stop working after a few shots so XD youd have to pack with a potatoes, and im pretty sure there is alot of other things you could use as a silencer, The zombie outbreak will give you time to contemplate on new weapons, armor, gadgets, and ideas if you get to a safe place.

I’m weird now I wanna make a Zombie outbreak modeling show, I’d be all like “Okay, she’s wearing the new Golden Chainmail armor designed by me! it’s sleek and it screams “Hey Zombies, Look at me! but you can’t touch!”” I’d make money!


@2Ton A fruit/vegetable may work, but I don’t think so (because of how a silencer works (without a silencer as soon as the bullet reaches the end of the barrel ALL the gases are released, whereas with a silencer little holes in the silencer allow the gases to escape over a longer period of time)).


It has to be a smaller calibur or it probably wont work to much like if your using a 357… probably wont muffle it


@2Ton Also, shooting into a fruit IS going to slow down (if not stop) a bullet.


You can make some home made silencers (not that hard if you have the parts, tools, and a workbench… hard to come by in a zombie apocalypse)

Key things for me to have in a Zombie Apocalypse are;
Food and Water (if you didnt know that you would be dead in a week)
Weapons (Everyone wants to be slinging an AK or DEagle but in all honesty you would be better off sticking to melee weapons. Guns make too much noise which is counter productive. But you need guns, mainly to use against other survivors)
Ammunition (and a whole lot of it because we all know you will be packing heat and no one wants to run out facing a horde of zombz)
Transport (Bicycles are the safest option as they make hardly any noise and your legs power them, no need for gas. But in all honesty I want my full pimped out costimized zombie killing machine 18 wheeler, will name her Olga lol)
Gas (for your cars, generators, and stoves)
Medicine (because if the zombz or raiders dont get you you’ll probably die from an illness)
Flashlights (no joke… these things can save your life or condemn you lol. Just hope its not the later)

Thats what I need, everything else is optional… including clothes. (Hell yeah I would take on a zomb butt naked if I needed to… Wouldnt want to but I could do it)


@SpitfireEX LMFAO Going Brave Heart On the zombies, hell ya!


I had a dream last night where I had a bunker in the middle of a city and a whole lot of bombs. I set up bombs all around the outside of my bunker and made a lot of noise to attract the zombies. When most of the zombies converged on my location, I hid inside my bunker and set off all the bombs. It blew up a whole lot of them and set the rest on fire. When I came out of my bunker the next day, half the city was burnt down and there are no more zombies. Yay?