There are Zombies, Where do you go!?


Okay, Sorry about spamming Sand’s Thread with my zombie questions but, I wanna know if there was a sudden zombie out break, what would your Zombie Survival plan be? where would you go? who would you take? possible weapons? do you have any survival skills?


Australia seems nice must go out from asia though



What is it about my nation that appears nice to you?


Have a kit ready. Road map deep into the mountains. And raised on farms and woods so plenty of skill.


well because it’s close to me on indonesia


An island in the Pacific.


I would probably just stay home and wait for riggor mortis to set it the zombs. My house is pretty secure to the point the only way in is through the door, which doesn’t have a door handle (opens using a key). Backed up by a screen door (deluxe crimsafe as are windows). Windows are about 2m high so no chance of zombs getting in there. Thick curtains and blinds so if there closed you can’t see in. I do have my pilots license so if I did leave I would take my sister and go for a 2 hr drive out to the airport (it’s very secluded drive so its safe AND I own a plane) and then head out into one of the aboriginal communities you can only reach by plane (without a 56 hour straight drive). As for weapons, I have 4 swords, 5 combat knives and my pride and joy - a half machete half axe. We don’t really *do* guns in Australia (unlike America) but if you know who to talk to and where to look, you can get them (although with the outbreak happening, not worth the time).


Depends. What type of Zombies are we talkinga bout?


If anything I would gather all the necessary items in my house or wherever I am then head to a place like a school because schools are well built and solid. They also are usually gated and are often used for emergency locations for hurricanes and major catastrophes.


My local pub. It’s out in the countryside, in an area with more guns than people; the brandy is piss, but the ale is top notch. Barricade the doors, have a nice cold pint and wait for all this modernity to blow over.


fpsrussia’s house steal all his guns


an island with food and water first i will kill all the zombies in that island then dump the zombies bodies into ocean in case they come back to life i mean unlife :stuck_out_tongue:

then i will go to the main land once in a while to check if the Apocalypse ended



and how do you plan on getting to the island, killing the zombies, going back every now and then? How will you know if it has food/water? sure salt water is easy enough to fix into drinkable water, but food? how will you hunt/gather, etc

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Don’t you think you should include your plans, etc?


steal a weapon… look for a specific island with food and build a small boat or steal one


Depends on the scale of the outbreak, what type of zombies they are, and when it occurs. In an apocalypse setting, I probably won’t be able to survive for long during the winter. With the amount of snow we get, it’ll be pretty much impossible to travel anywhere - anywhere far anyways. Without the ability to travel to a place with a warmer climate, I’d probably die pretty soon after I run out of food, water, or a source of heat. That probably won’t take too long seeing what I have in my house. I could try to ransack my neighbours though. But that’s saying they don’t try to ransack me first.

Being as cold as it gets though, most zombies would probably be frozen solid within a day or so. Formation of ice crystals in their cells would’ve caused those cells to die, rendering their bodies useless. But then again, zombie fiction never really follows science anyways. So yea… I’m probably dead within the first few weeks.


Oh boy… Zombie Appocalypse plans huh?
Well it really depends on what type of zombies I would be dealing with. If we are talking about our typical zombies though this would be my possible plan.

Survivor Group: Me (obviously). I have basic military and survival training(Airforce/JROTC). I have my PPL so if we ever get our hands on a plane I could fly it reasonably well. Can use a variety of firearms. Currently a college student. (I believe I would be a useful asset to most groups)
3 - 5 More members. (Preferably people who have; medical experience, a zombie appocalype game fanatic, a mechanic, and anyone who is useful or related to the other members of the group)
I would like to keep my group relatively small.

Weapons: Bladed or Blunt melee weapons(for all members) - Usually ones that can have a.double use such as an axe or crowbar
Several high clip sidearms with silencers.
1-2 Shotguns
An assault rifle and a scoped sniper rifle. (Not too much, subject to change dependent on amount of survival group members)

Vehicles: Bicycles and other high milage vehicles (Prefer to just use bicycles when neccessary and walk when they arent)

Tactic: Gather as much food and water that the group can carry (without hindering mobility) and travel from place to place gather equipment when needed. Heading for an area which is far from any big cities and hot and humid all year round (zombies will rot faster and hopefully eventualy end their own unlives). Until we find a defensible area (such as a prison, churches, etc), clear it out of any zombies or other survivors (sorry other survivors but… me no trust you much). Gather as much supplies as we can in the area and go raiding any near small towns when neccessary. Take out any zombz that come near with melee weapons. If the place will become overrun, gather our supplies and head out and travel from place to place until we find a defensible area. (rinse and repeat until the zombz end up rotting away into nothing)

Well… That is my main plan. So… anyone wanna join me
(Didnt type up everything… would really take me a few books to put everything into account. Things like islands and possible other tactics are desirable but I would have to… again write more.)


I live in western Canada and I’d head up north to the Yukon where the population is sparse and the location is remote. Plus I doubt any kind of pathogen could survive the climate up in that frozen wasteland.


Punc agains a tree to get wood, wake a pickaxe find diamonds make a diamond sword and kill the zombies. Lol

For real:
I would go to north canada.
Or in a castle in france (a small one)
Take my m4a1 with me and kevlar vest some food and water, also my katana.
Or go to space


I probably wouldn’t live very long, I have lung problems so my stamina is equal to that of a 60 year old, But I can run on small hours of sleep I’ve had insomniac pretty badly since I was about 11 which probably adds alot to my horrible health problems, im not too strong, I can barely drive and when I do drive im pretty paranoid behind the wheel for a multitude of reasons so I go down the highway at like 5 miles per hours, but I think in a zombie apocalypse, I wouldnt feel the need to drive that slow.

Im a weird guy ive seen many guns in my short life, but Im not sure if I know how to use one ive never fired a gun, BUT I know how to throw a shuriken like a BOSS!!! but I lack survival skills beyond Bear Gryllz saying to drink your urine if you have no water(Which I wouldnt do that), I know nothing else, I like to think im pretty fast for a guy my size and with stubby legs but its only for half a minute then I have to stop and rest before I have a heart attack, I think I have critical thinking skills for planning and my plan would just be simple separate myself from the bulk of cities and any areas highly populated and I hope that would in return further me from the outbreak… Hopefully…

I’m obviously a weirdo and I think I have one useful trait but one im still developing, im working on modern-day black smithing, which alot of people would argue is useless and wont get you anywhere in life *Cough* Mom *cough* But I feel it would be pretty useful being able to forge weapons in an outbreak- right? hopefully Im a decent one by the time an outbreak rolls. IF one comes, Id make myself a golden Chainmail and reinforce it with some kevlar or something like a boss and then craft an almost endless supply of shurikens and crossbows, and other tools for survival

Hopefully if I do make it out and survive Id wanna be with like a dozen or so people to help rebuild and establish a society again in like a very rural area unless I find an island or safe haven from the infection, and theres my very crappy zombie survival plan and my skills if you can call them that


i will probably live for a long time i have very good stamina… i run very fast (i play soccer) and i exercise my abs and arms every day… and my gym teacher says i have good reaction time too so i can dodge a zombie attack…only problem is i don’t know how to use a gun and have horrible aim