Themes for Anthology COG Games

Been playing Lost in the Pages a little and I like the idea of more Choice Games written by multiple writers under a collected theme, so I figured a thread where we could suggest core game ideas for an array of writers to explore?

One idea I have is doing a time travel game like Quantum Leap where you can hop into the body of one of six different people in the past and try and resolve their issues.

Alternatively, a game of perspectives. You experience the same events through the eyes of six different characters and their own possible ways of interpreting the situation…


I think from a story standpoint, anthology CoGs could be a lot of fun. The uneven tone is offset by the variety on display. The biggest issue, however, is that you would likely need to get everyone on board with similar mechanics to tie the disparate stories together. That would require not only finding stats and challenges everyone could agree on, but that every writer had the technical aptitude to create. It’s obviously not impossible, but the more people you try to get to agree on something the harder it tends to be.


That’d work well as a multi author game :). Have a read of some of the other group game threads though. They can be hard to keep everyone on board and there’s often a fair bit of editing at the end to patch it altogether consistently and with all the stats working as they should.

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