Theme Songs and Music for Games


@Mirabella made a comment in another thread about how using theme songs helps her write her work. While I noticed we had a thread about music we listen to as we write, I couldn’t find one for theme songs. Naturally, this needed to be remedied asap.

So what’s the theme song (or songs) you have in mind for your story? Right now at the start of my story, [the music for Harvest Moon DS Cute][1] is the theme music I picture for my fairy tale village. Share yours! If you’re not working on a game, share your ideal theme music for CoG, HG, or WIP titles you enjoy!

It could be cool to try listening to people’s ideal theme music as you play their games, for added ambiance. :blush: [1]:


Are you talking about music that would work as BGM for a WIP or music that is good for writing?


More the former, I suppose. Particularly since a thread already exists for the latter. I can make that clearer in the OP? Essentially, what playlist I guess you’d make for your game, or what background music you’d use. I might enjoy listening to Top 40 music as I write, but that doesn’t mean I consider it theme music for my game. I’m not particularly picky about how you want to interpret it, though!


I would probably make a custom soundtrack using Fruity Loops or something (if there was an easy way to add it to my WIP), but if I had to use the ones that already exist… I guess the FFX soundtrack (Nobuo Uematsu is an amazing composer!) and/or the background sounds from this website are the ones I’d pick.


Every story I create is based of a song. Yet for my CScomp story this year. It’s not…,


I think what would be cool, @SwanMaiden, is, for those who want to go through the extra effort… make a list of music to listen to while playing a game or WIP on youtube and then link it. For that idea about theme music- well, sometimes it’s too hard to pick just one song. But I do like the idea of listening to a choice music selection picked out by an author as you read their story. Seems to me that could be fun.