The Worst Young Adult Novels You've Read


Alright thanks for telling me!


I seem to recall Harry spending a good chunk of the series being emphatically disliked and mistrusted by people outside of his small circle of friends and supporters, being relentlessly lambasted by the wizard media, and being personally persecuted by the head of Britain’s wizard government.

Those are their character flaws. Harry is an angry abused kid who rarely understands even half of the crazy shit that happens to him, Hermione is a holier-than-thou know-it-all, and Ron is a stubborn, envious brat with a major inferiority complex. Characters get boring real fast without flaws, though.


I havent read or watched Harry Potter in a while so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but in his school most people loved him because he survived voldemort trying to kill him (which i agree is pretty cool but still at least in the first book i remeber most people loving him because he survived except for Malfoy). As for the part about character flaws, I agree that character flaws make them interesting, but not when their flaw is most of the book. For example in Order of the Phoenix the only thing i can remeber from there besides Umbridge was Harry snapping at pretty much everyone.


I do not know how to express my love for Harry Potter in words, the series has always been very dear to my heart so I do not know how to do it justice. XD

Anyway, one of the reasons why I loved it so much was how JK’s writing suck me into Harry’s world. How she intergrate the magical world with our world in all aspects and relay it to me as a reader. I could relate to Harry, Hermione and Ron. I felt like growing up beside them. Seeing the world as a innocent child to a young adult. She relayed this a lot from the HP series. The story starts on good vs evil and eventually, on what is right vs what is easy which is what really happen in life. I love how she create flawed characters, after all this is what we really are. As I grew older, I learn something new from re-reading it. I get to understand each one character more thoroughly especially the motives of the adult characters.

So HP has been a big part of my life so I love it to bits.


I can understand that, and thanks for telling me. I have no problem with Harry Potter fans, I just personally dislike the series. But thanks for helping me understand why people like it.


The worst ya novel I ever read was red queen . Ugh, the entire book is a mind numbing read. If you have a few spare hours and love cliches that have to do with love triangles this is the book for you.


Whats the name of this book? I want to read it now, just for how bad it sounds


The first is called Splintered, the second is Unhinged, and though I’ve never read the third it’s called (according to google) Ensnared.

I… wouldn’t really recommend reading past the first one. I never bothered with the third because while the first is enjoyably bad if you read it like a comedy instead of a serious fantasy-drama, the second was just… boring. The bits and pieces I pointed out were few and far between and overall it just felt like a chore.

Then at the end suddenly everything was happening and you realized you were supposed to be paying attention up until then, I was so lost I had zero idea why the Mario piranha plant was attacking card guy aka Romantic Interest 1 and it took me a solid couple of pages of rereading to figure out that said Mario piranha plant was supposed to be the Queen Of Hearts.

So while it was as bad as the previous one (with all the same mistakes and more) it got really tiresome after a while. Though… I do recommend looking up some quotes from it, because the bad parts that were funny were very funny.

So… I guess it’s a toss up in the end about whether or not the second one would be enjoyable to read as a horrible comedy, or if it’s too boring a book to bother with. (From what I hear the third one is even worse, and not in the fun way.)

Though… I definitely recommend looking up quotes from it, at least. Some of them are… well…

57 PM

To name a few.


THRONE OF GLASS. Oh my god where did this character go wrong. I never got past the first book, but that’s all I needed. You have this Amazing bad ass TOMBOY heroine that takes no shit from anyone to this giggling mess of a girly girl. And the biggest problem? NO, FLAWS. I know she’s supposed to be this great assassin the way she’s able to solve the murder mysteries is way too convenient. The plot really depends on that “she’s the main character, she can’t die” for this first book. Though the author tried to create a dangerous atmosphere, I felt nothing.


I agree with all of this. Not to mention the fact that the love triangle was clearly the focus of the story and the “kings games” were just a backdrop so that the main character could have gasp to hot guys trying to protect her and win her affection.


Alright thanks, I might read it just for that last quote though😂


I’ve got another one to rake over the coals. Anyone read Queen of the Tearling?? Everyone sings it praises but I literally couldn’t finish it. I mean, jfc, she’s a chosen-one princess and her name is Kelsea.

Yo, Throne of Glass is dumb and Celaena is obnoxious, but she was never a tomboy.


There are some great quotes from the book.

Especially when they’re given out of context.


Harry Potter quotes out of context are quite possibly some of the funniest things Ive seen to date.



Yep, though he was too meek personally. Then again I probably really would have struck a bargain with Diary Tom (the cute one) in order to attempt to remedy that. Probably shows I’m not young adult novel hero material, eh?

Nah, that made him a celebrity, not loved, there’s a big difference, particularly with the class of celebrities who are merely famous for being famous including the subcategory of that of which Harry was a part of people who are famous basically for just being born.

Well if you were made to do detention with a blood extracting torture device and nobody gives a shit or is able or willing to do anything about it (ties in with the whole being personally persecuted by the head of the friggin’ government) you might snap too, particularly if you’re a malnourished teen too.

It was a mixed bag for me personally, an easy read and a decent story, not one of my true favourites, but it got me through a few rainy days at least.


Now some of those really put the “adult” in “young-adult”. :grin:


Yeah, I can understand why people liked, and I respect that. Its just not my cup of tea (probably because I hate tea… But still :rofl:


I liked Harry Potter up until book six, but six and seven which managed to retroactively destroy the series for me since they made me notice trends in the prior books I hadn’t before.

That and the glorification of bullies really turned me off. I was properly not meant to cheer when a certain weasly died, but damn if I didn’t.

I stil think that the worst YA-series is the maze thing. (Mazerunner? I am not sure). The one where they are in a labyrinth with monsters. The story made zero sense (and still managed to make less sense in the next book) and it was also boring. It was just bad.


The maze runner series literally repeated itself in each book.


I couldnt even finish the first one, which is saying something since I finished twilight and shudders divergent.


I once went into a WHSmith, and decided that I was going to buy book, because people always recommend that writers improve by reading. I picked up a book called Fans of the Impossible Life, because it had a gay character called Sebastian which naturally appeals to me. That book is the reason why I don’t read much. The first 3/4 were good, not great, but I was enjoying it, but then towards the end it just fell apart. To this day, I’m still not sure whether the three main characters had a threesome or not. It was so vague and weird. I didn’t find any of the main trio likeable, and not only did it have POV switches between them, it also swapped between 1st, 2nd and 3rd person. I have an irrational hatred of that book, especially since it cost me like £6, and I don’t normally have a lot of money to spend. And it takes up space on my already overflowing bookshelf.

I don’t read YA novels anymore. The only books I read are by my favourite author, whose books are aimed at 8-12 year olds. I prefer writing my own stuff, because at least then I won’t be disappointed.

Also my shameful secret is that I actually like Twilight. I have a weakness for vampires, werewolves and love triangles.