The Worst Young Adult Novels You've Read


The show airs internationally on Netflix every Wednesday and in the US on Tuesday’s at 9pm on abc spark (I know they rebranded recently and are called something else now). It’s a bit of a mess, but I can’t stop watching. That’s also what happened with all the bad books I’ve read. Crosses over into bad movies as well…maybe I should stop that


But I don’t think with read is meant read completely in this case, so go ahead and tell us from all the terrible books that drove you away from reading them :smile:

Also we should not forget that it indeed is possible to enjoy things that are not that good. Some people really enjoy terrible b-movies (and know they are terrible), and a book can be written good in many ways and people still don’t like it. The whole thing is pretty subjective anyway.


Oh wait I think I do know it! It’s the Shadowhunters one, isn’t it? I haven’t watched it but I knew the name rang a bell :joy: I probably won’t watch it; the only reason I liked the Mortal Instruments was the general mythology behind it - the whole underlying society of vampires and demons and werewolves lurking beneath the human city. I wasn’t too fond of the characters except that one wizard (the one that looked like Sonic the Hedgehog? :joy:)

Actually I think Harry Shum is playing him in the show? I loved him in Glee (why am I destined to like terribly executed media?)

I might watch it. :sweat_smile: :laughing:


Fifty shade of gray is another terrible book.The thing was originally a bad twilight fanfict and it show, It also give a very false idea of what BDSM is since the relationship in it is simply abuse.


Fifty Shades of Grey is YA? Wow. What are they teaching our generation?


Read twilight and see yourself. :expressionless:


I am not certain , It was in the YA zone in the bookstore thought .


Okay…not so good sorted bookstore? Or did they just know that it somehow in some way was connected to twilight and just put it there?:confused: Because I’m pretty sure it really shouldn’t be sorted as YA.


your guess as good as mine really :laughing:


Yep. This world is doomed. @Sammysam :cry:

I’m adding another book to my list of bad YA books: Fifty Shades of Grey. Yup. It’s at two now. :frowning:

@Goddess I knew you’d have a list of books you hate. :smile:

Also, does anybody know the difference between grey and gray? :confused:

EDIT: Too many emojis.


Isn’t that a british english/american english thing? gray=american english, grey=british english or something?


I don’t think there is a difference, I’m pretty sure depending on where you are in the world, it’s spelled differently. I say grey though

Refer above to @Sammysam :smile:


It’s something called “the house of the night” series and it’s twilight but for “young adults” written by a woman that needs advice from her teenage daughter to finish it. It’s twilight on drugs.


I feel exactly the opposite. I figure I’m in the minority. I dislike Harry Potter more than any “Young Adult” offering, even more than “Hunger Games”.


What slander! :scream: :laughing: I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who share your opinion. I, for one, have only seen the Harry Potter movies, so I can’t judge the book series


I know. I feel like I have a Scarlet Letter on my breast … :smile_cat: It does not mean I don’t admire the author or that I don’t appreciate her writing but something about the world of Harry Potter turns me off.


NOOOO! IMPOSSIBLE!!! HARRY POTTER IS AMAZING! Also, it’s the first book series I read after Amelia Badelia, so I thought it was very impressive.


I told you I have a Scarlet Letter … but just a question: were you that impressed because Amelia Badellia set the bar so low or because Harry Potter was just that good?


Amelia Badeillia (am I spelling that wrong?) was an AMAZING series. AMAZING. So, for something to top that, it’s gotta be EVEN BETTer, right? Right?


My amazing life story