The Witch's Necklace (WIP)

my friend trust me MtA lore is downright confusing and it only makes you wanna bang your head off the wall, why don’t you just you know mix it up a bit ?

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Hahahaha, thank you, I will. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I fell in love with your pitch! Awesome.

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Hi all! I was wandering the Twitter lands and saw this tweet about how indie creators are making the queer and trans games people want to see, but they need support. This sparked a similar thought in my brain about how people don’t have the time for an Internet search, and I made a big rec thread of where gamers can start their searches. I thought I would share it here too! And yes, I mention Choice of Games, haha.


Sounds awesome! I am clearly happy to see another game on Hearts Choice that does cater to boring old straight male me (though I did love both Pirates Pleasure and Never Date Werewolves) but it’s great to see you are allowing for all sexual options too and I know from word of mouth that your last game was a big hit, so I am definitely interested. :grin:


Oooh, this game sounds lovely! Really excited for the demo!


Thank you, and welcome to the forums! I appreciate the support @NatsDemilla @derekmetaltron and @Kethmos. I’m happy your friends enjoyed Moonrise!

I will…try really hard to have a chapter 1 demo up by Friday next, (May 21, 2021). Circumstances out of my control continue to bamboozle. :dizzy_face: :cyclone:

One of the factors that initially drew me to Choice of Games was the gender diversity of the PCs and ROs. The insistence on gender diversity is a balm against other video game genres that consistently under-serve, or outright remain hostile, to the queer audience. In WN, there’s no “straight” relationship. All the romance options are queer, so every relationship is queer. Like how bi people don’t stop being bi if they’re in a relationship with a person of a different gender.

This isn’t the thread to discuss ideas for it, but since forum members have asked for a male-locked harem Heart’s Choice title, I’m curious who will tap into that and write it, and what genre it’s going to be. Fantasy? Sci-fi? Slice of life? A meta-commentary like Doki Doki Literature Club? IDK, I’ve never witnessed this situation before, where the majority of the romance games and romance options are queer, and cishet authors must step up and make the content they want to see.


Well I can only speak for myself and say that whilst I have hoped for more content for a straight male reader on Hearts Choice (or indeed more games full stop since additions of any kind seem to have been rather slow there) it doesn’t have to be something approaching a harem game or something that is basically porn, because there are other places for that. :grin: But it is a discussion I hope can be done somewhere someday in a respectful manner, similar I hope to how other genders and sex preferences outside straight male have been made. (Personally I would love a Spider-Man style superhero romance focused game with takes on characters like MJ, Gwen, Felicia and the like but that’s just me.)

(I have also previously mentioned this in other threads but I think a game on Hearts Choice that has gender choice but has exclusively female love interests would be just as fine as one that is specifically M/F.)

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Eyyyy, I love Spider-man! He’s a good egg. …this is also making me realize that I haven’t decided if Marvel Comics survived the apocalypse. Quick! Does Peter Parker exist in 2076??

  • Marvel/DC burned down in a sus electrical fire involving microwave popcorn.
  • Comics still exist but Natalie is forbidden to reference specifics b/c all cultural memory of Marvel/DC comics has been erased.
  • If Natalie doesn’t reference Poison Ivy at least once, I will riot.
  • Natalie, aren’t you supposed to be coding right now?

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I mean, for Heart’s Choice with only female love interests, check Steam/your phone app because you’re in luck. A Player’s Heart and the upcoming If It Please the Court has only female love interests and are just fantastic. I got no idea when Souls Unguarded is coming out, but it seems to be male PC with a single gender variable romance option and wicked cool.


Marvel should exist forever. It is Eternal… probably because it has Eternals. Peter Parker is probably pushing Ninety with about a dozen grandkids all webbing Goblins and Symbiotes all over the place. :rofl:

I’m sure they are, but they’re also both devoid of the option to play as a male character so… :sweat_smile: I was under the impression that Souls Unguarded was specifically M/M but maybe that’s changed? :thinking:

Hahahaha, Dane Whitman is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and I am EXCITE about the Eternals movie.

Ohhh, you might be right about Souls. The Steam pitch says the PC can be gay or bi and the Heart’s Choice schedule post says m/m.


Yes, from what I know about the game, the player gets to decide if the MC is gay or bi, but the love interest is a man. So while the MC may have had past relationships with women, I assume - if selecting bi - the relationship that will get explored in the story is M/M.

I sadly can’t suggest any games with a male or gender selectable protag and only female ROs since I’m only interested in male (and rarely NB) ROs, so yeah… I’m not the right demographic :sweat_smile:


I believe the only game prior to this one planned for Hearts Choice that is going to be featuring female ROs for a male character is Warriors Shot, which lets you pick both the genders of your character and the romance characters. But thanks anyway, it’s the thought that counts. :grin:


Hmmmm…I reckon Riese might take a stab at this.

Riese, how 'bout some magic, hmmmmm? :wink:

Riese nods in interest, balancing her wine glass in her fingers. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good news, everyone!

As you may have noticed, I posted a “free roam” demo late last night. This is essentially a rough draft of Chapter 1. It will 100% most definitely change, especially with the mechanics, but I wanted to provide you with something to play. I’m not seeking feedback at this time, unless you’d like to comment on the representation of minorities.

We also have poll results!

Thank you all for your participation! I’ll reference Poison Ivy at the very least. :bi_flag: :seedling: AND yes, get back to coding grindstone. :sweat_smile: :joy:


Oh wow, I ended up in the minority, in that vote :rofl:

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Hahaha, oh nooo, if it makes you feel better, the popcorn-induced fire was my favorite choice. I’ve seen so many fire alarms set off by popcorn, it’s ridiculous. :joy: :fire: :popcorn:

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I mean, that’s okay :rofl:
It’s not an issue or anything, I just found it funny!


Happy Friday y’all! I’m in the morass of Chapter 1 edits, but I paused to create a reference for the player’s other best friend, Tiffany! She’s so cute.

Like Pearl, Tiffany’s a socialite and party girl. She knows everyone who’s anyone and then some, which will be a truly invaluable skill to have on your side, considering… :eyes:

Like the other little profiles, I made with it with this picrew. Tiffany doesn’t appear in Ch1, because there’s already a million billion characters getting thrown at you already, so I shuffled her intro to Ch2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, when I was designing her character, I had “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something stuck in my head. I also really like the film, haha.

Congrats on making it through another week, and see you in the next one! :partying_face:


Evening, everyone! I’ve been buried under #PitMad on Twitter for the last 48 hours, but I did pause long enough to see this cool article from Blerdy Otome about Pride Month games. Check it out! :smiley: :rainbow_flag: :video_game: