The Witches' Daughter - A work in progress novella - [A writing exercise]


Hello everyone.

Whiile I’m waiting for my editor to go over my changes. I came across an interesting post on tumblr that posed the question:

If two people who made deals with different witches promising their firstborn got together. What would happen?

The concept intrigued me so for a writing exercise I decided to turn the question into a writing prompt as part of a writing exercise.

So I’ve already planned out the story via chapter titles for a thirteen chapter novella and already wrote the first two chapters. Now as it’s been fun to write I’m going to post a link to the story here for everyone to read. So enjoy whats there so far, and as always thoughts and opinions are welcome :slight_smile:


Ooh! that is a fascinating idea.

I noticed someone took that and posted it to the writing prompts community on reddit (without credit too, tsk). You misspelled the tumblr users name though. It’s


whoops I’ll fix that!


I’m about half way through chapter three now. My writing is starting to slow down a bit, but I’m still enjoying the exercise. How are people finding it so far?


Just thought I’d share a picture my friend drew for me of the the two titular witches Autumn and Winter.