The Winter Child (WIP) [small update 2 Dec '16]


Is Seraphina alive or dead in your game? Did you manage to get to the preview?

If Sera is dead, calling Jack out on his bullshit isn’t going to have any positive outcomes at all. I’m sorry! I’m aware this is kind of unfair, killing people right off the bat, and this will be addressed in the next update.


i might of missed it, so if she’s alive you get through since i never really selected her to die just the options that seemed like noble sacrifices. but could you just tell me how to make it past the hospital scene please?


Accept Jack’s deal. That’s it. Questioning him just gives extra relationship stats if the correct options are chosen.


so keep sis alive, bullshit jack frost and then accept his deal?



I would just like to point out dying is a valid option, and an underrepresented minority. #Equality


ok, so I’ve just got to keep sis alive then accept jacks deal


Yes! But bullshit him carefully, please. Even if Sera is alive, picking the wrong option will result in insta-death.

(Quotas, ask him about the quotas!!)


ok thanks for the help guys


Um I did it again and I only got to chapter three then to the stats screen. Is that meant to happen?


Yep! That’s it. (I told you there wasn’t a lot after that haha)


Ok, right that now makes more sense


I love this games,and sera!:slight_smile:


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I’m incredibly sorry to all the people who have been waiting patiently for updates. :sweat:

When I first put up the demo, I wasn’t anticipating school to take up so much of my time, and for keeping up my grades to take up what little there was left of my leisure time. I know I originally said that úpdates would be spotty, but I never intended for them to be this sparse.

But that all ends today! I’m finally free from school. From here on out, I will be focusing nearly all my time on this WIP. I aim to get it up as soon as possible, and weekly updates will be a thing.

Thank you for following the development of The Winter Child!


That fine everone has been busy with stuff like family , jobs, College and school related things


This is awesome can’t wait


I can’t wait to keep that little brat my darling sister out of trouble again. :grin:


It’s alright. It’s understandable who stressful things can be. I can’t wait to know more about Jack and our MC.