The Will of the Nine (WIP) (update~ 12/29/2016)

“You always lived a relatively peaceful and normal life in an equally peaceful and normal town… until now.
Just six days away from your eighteenth birthday you began to suffer from constant sleep disorders and strange occurrences. Turns out you aren’t that normal and have been chosen as one of the protectors of the reincarnations of The Chosen Ones.
Fail to protect them and you practically doomed the future of mankind. Seems like your days of peace and normality are over.”

Norse mythology became my favorite after I played Ragnarök and Age of Mythology.

I noticed the lack of Norse mythology here, decided to create one… and this is how The Will of the Nine was born.

But I must warn you, this history is just a newborn baby, and it’s 100% for the joy of writing about chariots pulled by cats. The prologue is done, but Chapter 1 is under construction.

I will happily answer any questions about the game/lore, and also please tell me about coding/grammar errors, I’ve never used choicescript before.

I’m trying my best to adapt the history to the modern society in a believable way and writing in a more polished English. I’m not a native speaker, so please bear with me.

Important stuff:

  1. This particular history is about the main character (you), but the whole story isn’t. In better words… you are Watson, the narrator, but the big protagonist is Sherlock. This wasn’t made to create suspense like in Sherlock Holmes, but to give a different POV in a “The Chosen One” tale.
  2. You can’t be a demigod but you can become a god/goddess.
  3. You can be mermaid/merman, elf (light/dark), giant (jötun), werewolf, and valkyrie (only female).
  4. You can’t choose your race, the race is going to be chosen based on your non-personality choices.
  5. The game has eight RO’s (4 male, 4 female) and a hidden male RO (only one planned for now).

Game link: The Will of the Nine demo


It is a very awesome game so far


I can become a goddess and I have 3 difference girls to choose from for romance? Yes please! :heart_eyes:


Not saying you should change it to my suggestions/corrections down below, just trying to help(and my corrections might not even be right, just one way it could be written).

Her horse was tired, and so was her. (she)

The travel was going on for nearly three days straight, she couldn’t even feel her hands anymore. If it was the amount of force put on the reins or the cold, she had no idea. (She had been travelling for nearly three days straight and had lost feeling in her hands, either from the cold or gripping the reins too hard. She didn’t know.)

now she was smiling. (Now she was smiling.)

The young woman had her hair loosely tied in a bun, its chocolate color perfectly matching her equally brown eyes. (The young woman’s hair was tied loosely in a bun, it’s chocolate color matching perfectly with her eyes.)

The only thing she can muster to do is a weak nod. (She can only muster a weak nod in reply.)


@Bluestar Wow, thank you for that, I wasn’t very sure if the game was good enough :confounded:
@Outrageous Many thanks, I’m going to do some changes, my corrector didn’t show anything to me :sweat_smile:
@Lizzy I really hope you like the girls, they are my children :heart: I made them with all my heart.


Did I just find my exact opposite


On another note, I’m disappointed because I’m going to have to wait for or more content, but I’m definitely going to be following this :slight_smile:


A WIP based on Norse mythology? Finally! I’m a sucker for mythology, but the Norse mythology in particular just have a certain beauty to it. The demo is short and basic, so it’s not like I can give a proper opinion, but the fact that it involves the Norse lore makes me like it already.
Also, like @Lizzy here, I enjoy some romance in all stories, so, can you give something out on the ROs?

PS: From all the Norse lore, I’d say Fenrir is definitely in my top 3 favorites. Do you have plans for him?


Four boys to be exact (the secret one is a god) :smirk:.
I’m going to upload more after 2 of December, I still have one week left to be free of university…


Four boys … Excuse me while I go make a fool of myself while celebrating Just know that I am now your biggest and most devoted fan. I expect to be the first one notified when the new update comes :wink:

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Yay another Norse mythology lover!

About the RO’s:
Girls: Tyrael, a light elf; Lisbet, a valkyrie;Delilah the female protagonist and a mermaid(still choosing the name).
Boys:Axel, the demigod(son of Loki), a werewolf(still choosing the name), the male protagonist(still choosing the name) and a dark elf (still choosing the name).

And now I realized that I forgot to add the protagonists to the RO list x.x


What kind of personalities do the girls have? And i have to say…valkyrie? Memories of Tamsin from Lost Girl :heart_eyes:


Tyrael is a very intelligent and mischevious (she uses her magic powers to play pranks) girl. She reacts differently depending on the person, so is hard to talk about her as a whole.

Lisbet isn’t your usual valkyrie, she’s a little nerdy, soft and shy. Also, she sometimes forgets how strong she is… and breaks things… people included.

Delilah is strange, her brain is a mess. I would say she’s a “Pollyanna type of girl”.

Iara (the mermaid) is proud, pretty blunt, ambitious and very social.

@Escanor Fenrir will appear, I can’t let the puppy out of the story. Hati and Sköll will appear too.



I’m getting the Ragnarök vibes already! Speaking of which, your description says:

Sounds pretty ominous. But is it Ragnarök-related? Or are you taking a different route?

Oh, this is important, and maybe it was obvious and I missed it, but is the story happening during the Viking Age?

Also, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the WIP, but I saw your profile and you’re from Brazil? I actually have some friends over there, in São Paulo. And you’re Gemini! I’m from June 17th.

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I live in Scandinavia, but I also am an Asian who is born in Macau, ex-colony of Portugal, now China. What a good idea you get! I like your idea.

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It’s not happening in the Viking age. The Ragnarök happened, people died and the gods were reborn, they always come back.

About the route I’m taking, it’s not a second Ragnarök… I wouldn’t say ominous, death isn’t something to fear in this, but I can’t say more 'cause it’s spoiler territory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

The keywords are tree/wood, water, and dew. I don’t know if the prophecy was too “direct”, but if you look at wood and water in Norse mythology you will probably guess a good part of the prophecy.

@Thunder-Man Thank you for the compliment!

@Escanor Yes, I was born and raised in Brazil. And I live far away from your friends :stuck_out_tongue:


@May_Rinn Love your game so far keep up the good work :+1::+1:

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I’m happy that you liked the history, I’ll try my best to keep up with the expectations :star2:

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Cant wait for more of this game😀

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So there’s two protagonists? And it’s in 3rd person?