The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Shattered demo released at post 3315 (10/01/2018)



Of course I mean if you do you will regret it when you get gutted by a Ork that speaks in rhyme or when you get burned by a Ork wizard(shaman?)


Everything in my life has lead up to this moment. I would like to thank the children, goats and virgins I sacrificed to get here.

Ah yes, get the token to justify all you do.

Am I gonna have to set up an education system for the undead?

First things first.


Never question the Wright King.
The only alternative title for the Wright King is “Glorious Leader”
Never break a door without their permission.
The Glorious Leader is the reason you’re able to read these rules.
The Glorious Leader has final say on all matters.
Your unlife is only so good because of the Glorious Leader.
You belong to the Glorious Leader.


Eyes Gloss over Hail Glorios leader

i would regret its a Rhyming ork a non rhyming ork is fine and being felled by a shaman ork just awsome but that would be one powerful shaman to fell me.