The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Shattered demo released at post 3315 (10/01/2018)



Oh I don’t know sounds pretty handy to me.

Does healing magic/ necromancy not repair stuff?

Ah, the true price of power.


There’s limits to what magic can repair. Each living creature has a limited amount of essence, and the more it depletes the less you’ll be able to heal from anything. Essence cannot be replenished, not easily, and even then you may be to far gone.

The Flayed King will never recover, there is nothing left to heal.

You just read to much Berserk or something like that. :japanese_goblin:


Nah, the chapter size put me off. I’ll binge it one day though.

Besides who wouldn’t want to be prehensile?

Is there anyone who does recover it easily?


Essence? No. Everyone begins with a set amount, that rarely increases during their life. A very few select individuals have learnt ways to feed on others’ essence, but it is not perfect, because while it sustains your essence for some time, your maximum amount of essence will begin to decrease.

Essence is a very strict energy, probably the hardest to manipulate.


I’m one of those Berserk fans that read everything and is now starving for the next chapters. XD


He must be fun at parties :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But seriously tho I would like him to be my main bodyguard. Very intimidating.

I do like a challenge.


Why does the FK care?
Like immense pain indefinitely occurring usually inflicts madness of insanity or indifference.
What do you do?

Still Immortal, can he be stopped, in death, would it be a better alternative to agony, how does he always hurt?

A pain, never ceasing,
But barely increasing.
Grown adapt, if not in the physical sense,
Then mentally it’ll accustom to it,
If not madness, then indifference,
Will be his cane, to walk upon,
Through his indefinite burden,
A pain worse than burning,
But if magical pain exist,
Then you win, I quit.


The Flayed King dealt with the pain in the only way he could, he endured it, he reveled in it, he harnessed it and forget it into a blade.

Whether or not he was consumed by the curse as a result… who knows?


At this point it’s not a challenge, it’s one of those impossible trials the greek hells put you through. XD

He brings the fire. :3

He’s more the ‘to unleash upon thy foe’ kind of guy, but yeah, nothing more convincing than a flayed giant of a man standing by the throne while you go through ‘peaceful negotiations’.


Isn’t everyone’s favorite waifu a pure-blood ?


Maybe the non Christian styles are allowed? Or…fall back on someone else. Like Helena! She seems fine.



The first thing I thought seeing that was


Lmao, that’s actually their theme song in TTS :joy:

Now, @bl00dragon I can’t help but imagine the WK bursting in with 2 other wight lords in nothing but loincloths with this song playing

Someone: my lords, why are you late ?
Wight lord: sorry, we were oiling our abs
WK: giggling don’t you mean, each other’s abs ?


Isn’t the no Vampire sex more relevant then?



Nope nope nope.

Plants a ‘blocus on pillar men references’ sign


Well to be fair, Kars isn’t even a vampire at the end. More some kind of transcendent being that’s closer to an actual god than any kind of demonic creature.

PS: IQ = 400. XD


Or a Gary Stu OC. Not that he isn’t enjoyable.


There has been something I have thinking about when I was playing this again last night.

The Wight King is undead, right? I remember the author stating that the Wight King is the perfect undead, almost completely human in appearance with some signs to show he is something else; ashen and sickly skin as well as the glowing eyes. But what I found more interesting was that the Wight King has a beating heart, that he could become ‘famished’, that he could drink water, that he breaths the air. Are these biological needs and functions genuine, or are they more like illusions born from the time the Wight King was truly human? If the Wight King doesn’t eat or drink, stops breathing and even manages to stop his heart, would he die again or would the magic keeping him animated stop that from happening?

It also makes me wonder about the blood. What exactly is the heart pumping through the body? Dead blood, or is the blood that of any living human? Given the Wight King’s sickly appearance, I would assume the blood is dead. But if the blood is alive, can other parts of the Wight King’s body truly be alive as well? When he eats and drinks, does the body process that food like it would for a human, with all the results such processes end with? Could the Wight King even produce children, if he found a suitable carrier for his spawn? Would the children be like him, near perfect undead, or would they be human?


They don’t need them. So if the Wight king were to stop breathing for example, nothing would happen to them