The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Shattered demo released at post 3315 (10/01/2018)



Mine would be one of those dorky snort laughs which is why they don’t laugh around their enemies :x


And let me guess, then no one lives to spread the embarrassing tale ?


Mine doesn’t laugh all that much either, but when he does, he does it like this


One person gets left alive because then the tale is too ridiculous to be believed from one man. I make them play jenga and the winner lives :slightly_smiling_face:


@ElvesForTheWin wait! So if the WK wins he goes back to being human !
Checkmate @bl00dragon ! Looks like I’ve found a way to make my MC human again!


Geez that gif makes me dizzy!

Jenga is one of the mystic arts…Volatile, dangerous and capable of changing poweful undead back into humans. :thinking:


My Wight’s laughter simply is too terrible to share.

Click link at your own risk:


:sweat_smile: It’s a bit difficult to click because it’s in spoiler mode. But i managed.

Oh wow. I could imagine that on a scary undead monster :thinking:


Yes, it is like a two-layer security thing.

Utterly laughable security, but still. It frees me of any liability. :smirk:

Indeed. :scream:


Mine would have one of those hearty laughs that turn wheezy and then silent. And then the only way you know they’re laughing is that their belly shakes and their body is moving.


Ah, you miscreants, there’s only one laugh for the Wight King. :japanese_goblin:


If the WK shares araragi laugh, will WK too have a vampire loli following around us just like him?


That’s why waifu Elizabeth is a thing :wink:


Clearly the only way.


Proceeds to throw the eviden- the romance texts absolutely not about a certain vampire into the fire.

I don’t see what you’re talking about officer, this is loli-free territory. :japanese_goblin:




Fear not, it is one of those video-fires, for your TV, phone or computer and so forth. :grimacing:




As long as the vampire loli waifu is hundreds of years old, they can not touch you, release those sacred romance texts to the public, do it for science!

If they still are after you, then we shall remember your brave sacrifice.


ok that’s mildly creepy. I like it.
Edit: the laugh