The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Rebirth update (08/02/2018)


Update(07/01/2017): Big update since the revamping. Many informations below may be oudated

Hello everyone. Yes a WIP, another one.
Today I released the first version of my project : The Wight King.
Here’s the demo with, currently, the prologue. Which took me much more time than I thought it would.

So what does this game that comes out of the blue is talking about (be careful slightly spoilerish, though some things are kind of obvious):

The Story

[details=Summary]After a rough awakening in what you’ll find to be your own tomb, you manage to escape the tmplar order which was guarding your grave. Though that may have been obvious, you were in shock to learn that you were now undead. And not any undead to boot, the wight king, supreme lord of undeath, ultimate and most perfect undead being. You’ll have to assume your new role despite your origin and background and lead the undeath to new peaks or fall with everyone of them under the blades of the templars and their self-appointed king. Recruit allies on the way, some unexpected. Be a merciful and wise leader of men, or be a tyrant worse even the one that seeks your destruction. Master your new unnatural strength, the dark powers of necromancy and the mysterious power of The Will.

The path ro victory will be long and treacherous, for the age of darkness that have befallen all lands is one of great evils, of dangerous creatures and fearsome warriors.The great tides of war have begun rising again, and you may be the one to turn those tides when the time will come. But know that whatever happens, your will shall prevail. [/details]

The lore

There’s a bit too much lore for me to explain right now but I’ll at least situate the story :
This story happens during the age of darkness, that has last for a long time since the fall of the old world whose mistakes fractured the land and closed this world to close to the other worlds.
It’s taking place in a country west-northwest of the continent enclosed between the dragon jaws mountainous chains and the seas of peril… hospitable place to say the least. In the newly named holy kingdom of Arkadia.

(I’m currently at my College and can’t finish the topic right now, I’ll finish it tonight)

As usual, I’m waiting for your feedbacks, help from typo-slayers, better way to phrase some sentences or better words to use (English is not my native language, therefore despite being quite good in English I’m far from perfect.), heck even ideas are welcome as long as they are at least somewhat good and possible for this story. Don’t hesitate to voice your thoughts, post dank memes and ask questions, be it about lore, story or whatever, I’ll be glad to answer you. I would be very happy if some of you people make artworks of your character, of other characters, castles, about everything you want really.

The story is already more or less fleshed-out I already know where the story will go and have thought of some plot-branching, so plot ideas for middle-game can be useful but the end and beggining are already almost done (except for some branching I may not have thought of that could be interesting) likewise for the development of most characters.


Seems an interesting story. I normally play the baddy in any game so its nice to go fully bad and kill everyone in my way.

There’s a lot of minor spelling errors, gramatical errors or just sentences that repeat the same word at the start but I wont go through all that here.

One big comment is that the 2nd to last choice I met which asks how I want to approach the waiting 20 soldiers is far to long. Make them more snappy and then have the rest of the writing occur once youve made that choice.

Also the game crashed when I selected my name as “Rose”. Is that the end of it so far?

Seems interesting though and with some polishing it could be a good tale. Not entirely sure what direction the story will be going though


Sounds interesting. Bugs: Your save slots is not working and I got error prisonbreak line 185: increasing indent not allowed when choosing any of the available names.


Interesting idea, do you plan to add gender selection at some point? Being called “they” is a bit…unsettling to me (though better than “he” I supposed :stuck_out_tongue:)


My game also crashed at that point, although Rose was not my choice.


I picked my own name and had no crashes, maybe everyone just needs to be named Elizabeth :laughing:


Not fair, mine crashed :frowning: But maybe because of the " ’ " on the “a”. I’ll try without it.
Edit: It Works! :slight_smile:


I swear im a good person but I just like playing the most evil of people


I got an error affer chosing a name and when i created my own character name

Ps: i click all of those names I got a error


thats strange that didn’t happen when i played it…i guess it must be a error hm i try playing the game again and see if that happens to me.


I found out what was going on here it’s it’s you have to show Mercy too chose the names


Knew there was still some left. I’ll go typo-slaying soon.[quote=“Maxmansung, post:2, topic:21293”]
Seems an interesting story. I normally play the baddy in any game so its nice to go fully bad and kill everyone in my way.

You’ll get plenty of occasions to do just that. Though it Will surely be gradual. Today one dead puppy, tomorrow the world.

I’ll see to it.

That’s not supposed to happen, it should work by tonight.[quote=“nocturne, post:3, topic:21293, full:true”]
Sounds interesting. Bugs: Your save slots is not working and I got error prisonbreak line 185: increasing indent not allowed when choosing any of the available names.

I know but you don’t need saves right now, so it Will have to wait, the name bug is strange, i’ll work on it as soon as i’m home.

Don’t worry that’s at the beginning ofchapter one. :wink:

what the ? I’ll check this out.

P.S. : Sorry for the lateness. That was a hell of a day. I curse the fool who decided to make us work till 7pm on wednesday plus work on sunday. Ther will be be retaliation !
I’m currently working on the name problem, sit tight, I’ll see what I can do. It would help if you told me precisely what happen when there’s an error.


Should be working now. Test it out please.

Now it works, but I still don’t see how the hell this was messing with the code, I’m really clueless…

I hereby decree that every character of this story is named Elizabeth.

I can’t have that can I ? And yes accents tend to mess with informatic languages as a whole :wink:[quote=“jonnyboy666, post:8, topic:21293, full:true”]
I swear im a good person but I just like playing the most evil of people

I get you jonnyboy. I remember my first paladin in D&D, loyal good but still muredering every evil-aligned characters that got in his sight, and justifying by : “That’s justice ! He provoked me with his red aura !”.


This seems like a very interesting concept and I can’t wait to see how it develops! There are some grammar mistakes and there’s also a bug I discovered when I decided to walk over to the adjudicator(?) to meet him halfway. The error says prisonbreak line 193: invalid indent, expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block.


Again ? Sit tight…
EDIT: Are you sure it’s still doing that ? It seems to work fine on this end.
Please refresh the page and tell me if it works now.

Oh and if someone could be a dear and pm me the typos they find (especially in the first 3-4 scenes) that would help me greatly.

I’ll begin working on chapter one tomorrow if I’ve got the time, that’ll be an horrible week and about as horrible vacations what of the stupid who made that timesheet and who said : "hey ! They are not working their asses off quite enough ! Let’s give them homework on vacations ! After all vacations are made to work not to recuperate."
Turns out both giving the bl00dragon homework and stealing his vacations makes him the grumpiest, AND oh so salty.


attacking a lone warrior “twanty” against one is twenty:blush::grinning:


wut ? Squires ! Prepare my typo-slaying spear !
EDIT: Typo slayed, get back to work now, my typo hounds !


this is just a theory but i believe it only douse the error whenever you choice to kill the first guard at the beginning of the game if you choice to show mercy to the guard it lets you choice your name and you can continue on with the story.


Eh, maybe.
It’s working now though.


yep you right it is fixed :clap: .