The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



“Mind if I…cut in?”


Sorry to cut the conversation short.

You know I don’t appreciate you just sticking me into every random person you see and covering me with their sticky fluids.

Looks like you’re a cut above the rest.

God I woke up hammered.


But, but, but…:thinking::rofl:


Y’all know…I believe someone be insulting MUH Dawi! and Warhammer but my Dawi is more important lol


What about an intelligent sword that is also a pacifist?


Could you imagine this

WK: so, when will my sword be ready ?

Blacksmith: in a couple of days, I just have to straighten out the kinks

Sword: I like feet

Blacksmith: shut up


As long as it doesn’t have a thing for hands we should be good. Unless we’re Raiden I guess.

Wait does the Wright King sweat? I might need to be on the watch for that too…


Nah, most secondary body functions are disabled for the Wight King.

Things like breathing and your heartbeat are reflexes your body keeps on doing but that doesn’t matter much. Almost like… a simulation of life. But things like sweating just stop.

I’m resisting very hard to make a For Honor joke that no one will understand except those that lurk on the For Honor reddit.

Ah, the famous master of bullshit swordfighting. XD


Don’t forget fighting memes and Senators.

Great! Now I can make fun of the living’s smell after fighting and take the room closest to the bathroom even though I don’t need it. Wait do I have gag reflex? My sword swallowing ca- actually no. The sword might have a thing for vore.


I see you are a man of culture too.


I’ve been knee-deep in administrative things (still no finished, I hate everything) lately but I keep working on Shattered when I have the time. I’m at 10000 words right now and most of it was reworked to something satisfactory.

If I can get all the adminstrative bullshit documents sorted soon enough, I should be able to go back to writing for real.


Do you want a sword that hardens in response to physical trauma, son? :japanese_goblin:


The number of people playing the game has significantly increased but sometimes I still think I’m the only one playing For Honor everywhere I go. I’ve been a loyal knight since beta.


Ever since they put it for free on uplay everyone got it, I would’ve got it too but my internet connection is so shitty it would’ve taken me at least 5 days to download it :pensive:


I know a lot of people who missed it. XD

Nightmarish flash-backs of the internet connection I shared with two brothers when I was still living with my parents, desperately glaring at the download bar in case it could make it go faster.


Yup welcome to Algeria, where even though I’m the only one left among my siblings who lives with my parents and I still have to use a combination of prayers to the chaos gods (I even tried praying to my PC’s machine spirit once, with the incense and everything) , swear words and crying in a corner hoping that my internet connection will take pity on me just to download a 10 GB game


Memes: the culture of the soul.

I wonder what kind of sports does this world have? Not that we’d be able to participate :slightly_frowning_face:

Though I suppose collective consciousness would fit here, a bunch of people in power controlling the mindless masses. Except way more literal here.

Now I get to win every eating competition. And make people uncomfortable by eating in suggestive manners.


The main sports in this world would be arenas, games of war, gladiatorial combat, archery, jousts, a lot of things that showcase martial prowess.

The rest would be similar versions of what we have. The people of Nevarra mostly. They are the most culturally inclined to normal sports. “Playing” is not something a kriegsgardian would understand the way you do. XD

High elves also have a lot of sports or hobbies.


Mc:Uh…what’s a gag reflex? Is that a new fighting style?


For honor!!! Conqueor Main



I’m not the type to main anything, I can consistently play every warrior, but my highest reputation is on my peacekeeper. Second highest is Kensei.