The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



If you’ve read older posts on this thread, or just read my earlier post, you’ll find that Astereus knew the MC when they were alive, he just didn’t meet them much


You don’t have to do anything, chaos spreads around you no matter what. The MC will mostly pursue their own goals at first. First you’ll be putting the pieces of your memory back together and gathering allies, and then you’ll go on to larger schemes.

Like burning elven forests! :grinning:




Selling Wight King Cookies! :crazy_face:


The cookies look like chocolate chips but really they’re raisins giggles evily and rubs hands together



you wouldn’t

@guardsman000071 don’t tell me you support this!!!





it’s treason then


It’s not treason if you’ve never liked elves


Why’d you have to use my favourite meme against me??:rofl::sleepy:



…except they actually are chocolate chips disguised as raisins! :crazy_face:


… they are chocolate raisins?

  • killing thousands of people ? Okay
  • turning those dead people into your undead slaves using necromancy ? kek no problem
  • puting raisins on cookies ?
    The cookie master @bl00dragon shall not be pleased with this heresy !



Give this wight a rais…in! :grimacing:


That’s how my wight king will plunge world into chaos with awful puns and raisins


Is that your currant plan? I guess the lime is right for such an ambitious idea. Just make sure to tell me and I can make the date in my calendar. :grin:


Oh my god what have i started x’D



Edit: on another topic, how do you guys imagine your WK laughing ?
When my MC finally laughs it will be something like this


Mine doesn’t laugh…He prefers the intimidating stare…But if he had to laugh, maybe this:

Appearances can be deceiving…