The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Lets be honest WoW was your inspiration, wasn’t it? lol


Good. :smile:

Well, that is a gross over-simplification, but I won’t start on all that. :no_mouth:

Instead, I look forward to see more of this. :blush:


Yeeeeah kinda figured as much :sweat_smile:
Not many things top an ancient undead entirely capable of toppling nation’s and known throughout history as heralds of chaos and destruction.

Oh, heartburn like you wouldn’t believe.

Maybe we’ve got a statue? Honestly I’m curious about that as well. He might have also recognized our name it just took him a while to put it together that we were that one. The fact that he hesitated is interesting, too.
I mean, old hero(?) aside, we’re now very, very undead and currently cohabitating with an ancient evil akin the the Lich King from WOW but possibly worse so…
Definitely looking forward to learning more about the MC’s past


While snooping around older posts I found that the MC was dead for only a decade or two and Astereus actually knew them, they just didn’t meet each other many times, also it seems that nobody besides Helena knew what the MC really was.
It’s also worth noting that the last wight king was defeated centuries ago and most records of WKs are gone by the time the MC wakes up, since they became only a tale to frighten children

@bl00dragon could it be that Astereus actually recognized the WK and didn’t know their true nature so he decided to spare them ?


Oh yeah… forgot about that. Hmm
The idea he spared us because he didn’t quite know what he was dealing with is possible but he seems to hesitate regardless of whether or not we go easy on his men and he seems kinda pissed when we murder the crap out them. Maybe just shock from his “holy shit I know you” moment. Who we used to be might have been a decent person worthy of being spared but depending on how you play that person is very clearly dead and gone.
And probably not the sort you want to intentionally spare under any circumstances.


For all we know…we are a ancestor to him…though I much rather believe that we were a paladin or perhaps a brother by blood or battle


hmm… good is very perspective based.
i mean killing half the people on earth in a instant painlessly due to the world being incredibly overpopulated as is in a way is a act of good especially since those that died didn’t feel it
…not that that is the kind of good i want to do but it just goes to show there is what is needed and what is wanted and fulfilling one over the other from both sides can be both considered good and evil.
philosophy hammer time



Joking aside, I can also see why people (Thanos) might have that point of view. He really believed what he is doing is right and why one half will die painlessly and the other will have a better life. He really thinks he is the good guy.



Yep and both good and evil can have the opposite effect wars produce great strides in technology to better man.
Acts of great evil often produce good things accidentally.
And then there is the phrase “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”
In the end acts of good and acts of evil are just like renegade and paragon points pointless…
It’s all grey and fluid.
Buuuutt we need to label it something and how else to i get the supreme overlord title and lord it over Skeletor, Sauron, and Lord Sidius?
Good guy wight king is cool too


Could even do both, I suppose. Have a good mc with very little control over… whateverthefuck wanted to break those Templars so damn bad. Or just straight up grey morality. Best thing about these sort of games, really. :smile:

Anyone else plan on going somewhere down the middle?


Nah, sitting on the fence is boring! Saying that though, I would probably have one playthrough trying to balance the whateverthefuck energy (that should be the official term for that now :D) and the peace within like the Yin and Yang.

Personally I like the full-on method as I am quite a quiet person in RL and it feels good to release virtual fustration on the tomb door :grin:


Empathy is a cultural thing :blush:


Simply leans back to watch the theories clashing with a glass of wine. :smirk:

Asterius really has his own way of doing things. He’s kind of a rebel for a paladin, and often acts in unexpected ways, even if he can be uptight about some things. And at this point, even him doesn’t suspect just what kind of monster you are.

Nah, you can’t be his ancestor, he’s about 35 and you’re not all that old yourself.

I think I spend my whole life reminding people around me that there is no universal good. Just to be annoying. XD

And I like it. Much better than plain, flat villains that destroy everything for funsies.

Giving in is a dangerous road, one that some may not be willing to take, for it is one of sacrifices.

And painful.

Welcome, fellow barbarian in hiding. :japanese_goblin:


Rouge and Barbarian tasked with lock-picking
Barb:whats taking so long?
Rouge: ive been here 3 seconds…
Barb: i could be done by now
Rouge:almost there… got-
Barb:RAAAG! Kicks door in
Rouge:-it Sighs why did they team you up with me for the stealth approach?
Barb: AHAHAHA! IM HERE COME GET ME! Hacks away at guards
Rouge: right that’s why slinks around the chaos


Fair enough! I don’t think I’d take the risk but I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say he far outclasses us at this point. If he has literally no clue what we’ll eventually be capable of then he really has no reason to be bothered about letting us go for now.

I have limited experience with DND (not even dnd technically it’s Pathfinder) but from what I do have this is painfully accurate. I’m the rogue. It’s not a barbarian but still. We have (had?idk it’s been forever) dwarf fighter likes to use himself as a battering ram at this point I’ve just stopped trying :sweat_smile:


yea i practically ripped that concept from a dozen campaigns i was in as both the door kicker and the stealth monkey. its really common and yet somehow few expect this to happen somehow…shocking


Then by the obvious account…I’m gonna guess…you were

  1. Childhood buddies
  2. Former lovers if you go down the route would love that route kek
  3. Brothers\sister
  4. A Paladin Leader…


That makes for a cliché villain. ‘Oh, look at me, I am eeeeevil!’ as opposed to ‘I am doing this because I believe it to be the right thing to do’ which allows the author to build a person around this. They may be utterly psychotic and insane, but in their own mind they are far from a villain. :grin:


1.) What is a wight king is supposed to actually do? Spreading chaos is a pretty broad term.

2.) Will we find out how the wight king was created? Not the MC, but how the first Wight king became the wight king?


shrug whatever they godamn well want probably. Spreading chaos may be a broad term but it’s hella fun :grin: