The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Well… I mean… Probably. Just a bit.:roll_eyes::smirk:


What if it was a orphanage filled with demons that wanted to destroy countless towns and cities of innocent people?


Indeed. :grimacing: What if indeed. :grimacing:


Lies, Fake News, Next you’re going to tell me kicking puppies isn’t normal.


Ends justify the means as they say


To be “Good” will defintely be an option, as good as someone like the Wight King can be. I won’t force on you acts of pure cruelty, especially if there’s no reason to be and not while the Wight King is still so human.

Or maybe it will swallow you whole. :japanese_goblin:

In the eyes of many, you are the Big Bad.

Don’t worry, you’ll have your share of enemies. :smiling_imp:

Yeah, evil is more about perception than anything. In essence, morality is a point of view.

But “kicking the dog” just makes you an asshole. XD

Come on, just a little :sunglasses:

You mean you’re not supposed to eat them? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s a cultural thing.


Wait, so knights can’t be created anymore ?
I know there’s 100 of them which is a lot, but it’s difficult to face an entire world that thinks you’re evil with a limited supply of officers


I didn’t say that. XD

I used to say there was a hundred of them, but considering their powers, I think having less of them would be better. Especially since it will allow them to have more personality than just ‘those nameless legendary warriors that I have a full battallion of’.

A single one of them is stronger than you were at the beginning of the game, and that’s for the weaker ones. The lords are just plain monsters that could easily threaten entire countries on their own.

The role of the wights isn’t direct command, that is left to less powerful undead lords.

Knights can still be created by the Wight King, but not everyone can be risen as a knight, raising them is also very costly in energy.


Kicking the [insert weak thing for which hoomans have empathy and/or feelings].

There, satisfied? :smirk:


Also @bl00dragon are there any doomsday cults that await the arrival of the WK and think of them as a Messiah ?

Edit: also will the lords and knights immediately bend the knee to the WK and follow him with complete loyalty or can they betray them for personal gain ?
So far out of the 5 lords the only one we know we can trust is Dandelion


It can’t swallow you whole if you swallow it whole first. Also, that’d be my solution as wight king to all magical attacks. Just eat them. Works really well with the CoFW. :smirk_cat: :upside_down_face:


I don’t think eating fireballs is good for your diet.

Dandelion knows better than to try something like that.

But the four other can be more rebellious, so some of them will have to be convinced or forced to join you.


@bl00dragon Also can we name our knights ?
Part of me wants to name them all Alpharius (the same as the WK)

But the elf hater in me wants this to happen

conversation between the WK and a knight

Knight: my lord I was wondering, why did you name that Knight points to a nearby knight Cookie ?
WK: I always thought the world needed more cookies
Knight: thank you, my lord
WK: you’re welcome, Elven genocide


No! They’re not pets they’re hoomans! XD


Why thank you for your agreement. :upside_down_face:



Ha! Foolish knave, I’m Alpharius, you’re Alpharius, we’re all Alpharius.
Wake up sheeple!


Also @bl00dragon I was rereading the demo and I was wondering, at the end why did Astereus spare the WK ?
To me it seems a mistake to let that an enemy that dangerous to escape.
I know you said the WK was a messiah who fought in the independence war, but I don’t think Astereus could’ve possibly recognized them


He hesitated. You should ask him once you get the occasion.


Also I finally found someone I can headcannon as Astereus
Leman Russ from the YouTube series “if the emperor had a text to speech device”
(Minus the blonde? hair and power armor of course)
Also could you imagine Astereus talking with that accent ?
"Thank you for sparing them, ye milksop "