The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



As a side note, i kinda fell in love with mc’s armor.
Will we ever get to meet its maker and perhaps get new and improved version?


The maker of this particular armour is long since dead, but the techniques to create this kind of armours still exsists, passed from grandmaster to apprentice, but few have the skills or ressources to make them. Elves and dwarves are specialists, but even them rarely have the gift needed to forge perfection.

One thing about this kind of armour is that they are made on order. They are expensive, a single one of those armours costs a baronny. And that’s if they are made of common steel and not an extremely rare mystical metal. And they do not benefit a regular soldier all that much. Plate armour is plate armour when you’re part of a heavy infantry battallion, you don’t need anything fancy if you’re going to die anyway. Those are made only for the best of the best, out of the best metals, with the best enchantments and by the best armoursmiths. Each is unique, perfect in its own way. But they do wear with time, they lose efficiency, they’re still the pinacle of armour technology, but at this point they can’t even rival anymore with the legendary armours.

The only armours superior to those armoured suits at 100% efficiency, are divine armours, ancient relics, and other kinds of legendary armours, like the divine cloth some of the best paladins use.


The entity that help us is the Lady of the lake and she will give us the sword Excalibur .-.


So…will our nice and definitely not long dead wight get to learn his past? Will we da peeps get to choose what his past was? Or have do you have a set past for the wight?


@bl00dragon can you put the ros and info of those npcs in the main post ?

and are Lyn Stone and elizabeth the vampire going to be a Ro? :hugs: i want em :smirk:


So that means MC is really old or more likely inherited armor…


I have a question about Dashingdon, does it have 3 saves for every game or 3 saves in total for every game in the website?
It seems like my saves got overwritten due to trying other demos


Its 3 saves per game, but game updates know to bug/delete saves
Also if your saves are overwritten try manually changing save slots


I just checked it and apparently there are only 3 saves in general, so if you go into another demo you’d see the saved games from here instead of having free slots.
By the way I found this typo (d2):

He laid his shield onto the stone and used the wind to assist his fall, d2 He was damn spry, my attacks were a bit to slow for him to be stopped for long. It was time to go beyond my limits.

Also another thing: At the choice of your body type it goes straight into the choice and says Athletic, Lithe, Average etc without any line that says the choice is about your body type. Maybe add a line saying: “As my Body type is” before the choice


Yes, but it takes some time for a shattered memory to come together.

The Wight King already has a backstory, but you will get to influence your past.

Okay, gonna do that. :wink:

Elizabeth definitely is romanceable. Lyn will be more complicated, but I’m not saying no.

There’s many reasons for which MC could be in possession of this armour. Maybe you stole it, maybe you forced a grandmaster to forge it, maybe it was a gift, maybe it was earned by claiming another’s life. Who knows? :smirk:

Gonna take care of this.


Not sure if I have ever posted in this thread, but really enjoying the demo so far! I will probably try to be as good as possible, as a good undead king seems like a nice subversion of tropes! Honestly, the game has my interest peaked, and I love waiting for the next update to get just a bit more of the puzzle that is the MC!


So @bl00dragon I read one of your earlier posts about the existence of wight lords (officers of wight knights) and it intrigued me, do they serve as feudal vassals of the WK ? Or they just commanders ?
Also how many of them are there ? (I know there’s one who’s an RO)
And also what qualifies a knight to become a lord ?
Sorry for the multiple questions


Nice, thank you. :wink:

The wight lords are the five most powerful wight knights out of those that survived, they are often legendary warriors gifted both in leading men and fighting on the front line. Each of them commands a unit of wight knights in battle and coordinates their efforts because of their abilty to receive orders from the Wight King no matter how far they are. They are not so much feudal vassals as a corps of praetorian guard able to take command in the absence of the Wight King or Dandelion. Few of them have any actual ruling skills, and the few that have were simply tyrants. Dandelion holds the unnoficial role of leader of the wight knights.

There are about 25 of them, a lot of them were destroyed during earlier wars.

For a wight knight to become a lord, they must be powerful enough, have lived long enough to develop into a greater wight knight, but maybe most of all, earn the allegiance of other wight knights. For the wights, oaths of allegiance are not empty promises, they are incredibly powerful soul contracts. The more a wight has servants, the more powerful they become. To become a lord, you must prove yourself worthy of being served.

Don’t be sorry, I actually like being asked questions about the lore and universe. XD


Thanks beany for answering my wonderful questions :wink:


Out of curisoity (:cat:), and seeing some of the choices early on, can we be ‘good’? I know we probably never will win any popularity contest, but I do have problem being evil, even in games. :blush:


Embrace the darkness, young one. You may find it of great use when you most need it.


I’m pretty sure that if you play your cards right you will be a decently nice Wight…like one that doesn’t kill the innocent unless forced and kills the evil that harms the said innocents…


I Think it depends on what the “big bad” is. If the primary antagonist is Asterius and his Templars, I don’t think a Wight King who retains all their humanity and is actually super sweet would work very well. I doubt Asterius would be happy about an undead running all over the continent but he doesn’t strike me as the type to pick unnecessary fights, especially at the cost of others.

Not that that’d stop other Templars though. :thinking:

If the primary antagonist turned out to be an old god who isn’t nearly as dead as they should be or something, however… All bets are off.
Though I’ll admit I’m kinda fond of the whole reluctant allies trope, so that might just be my wishful thinking


Evil is a subjective term, I mean just because we set fire to orphanages doesn’t mean we’re villains right?


Thanks, but no thanks. :blush:

I beg your pardon for breaking this to you, but, yes, it does indeed mean you are a villain. :face_with_monocle: