The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



so we can be an elf? nice


1.) Will there be a huge difference story-wise between a human and a half-elf player?

2.) How does a black aura light up the room?

  1. Your annoying elf relatives are still alive? :scream:
  2. UV light? :grimacing:

Pay me no heed, I am rambling. Utterly normal for me. :blush:


@bl00dragon would it be spoilery to ask what that entity in the lake was ?


I always headcannoned Astereus as Guilliman

But now I see him as Leman Russ (minus the fangs and the blonde hair)



Just wanted to give it a try, since the story could also easily fit a half-elf.

Maybe not huge, but there will be some changes, mostly in your backstory but also in the first reactions of the people you meet.

That’s a good point. But I’ve always imagined it more as something more like black lightsabers:

A “dark light”, as if your aura was a black hole, pulling light towards it and giving the illusion that it emits light.

You’d need to have living relatives, which is kind of compromised given your past. Though the Wight King could always be mistaken, or not.

Wight King helps the police forces to solve crimes at night thanks to his ability to see the presence of biological fluids and fingerprints and become dubbed as the dark knight. :japanese_goblin:

Welcome to the club. :smirk:

I won’t tell you. :wink:

I like you readers to try guessing. But I’ll tell you this: It was broken and abandonned, it was shunned and disgraced, but it still lives and it is ready to take back what it lost.


@bl00dragon If I had to guess I’d say that she’s a god or at least a powerful spirit, (I mean we know gods can be killed, kriegsgard’s ruler weilds the spear of a dead god for khaine’s sake!)


Any chance for a half-orc choice?


Maybe, maybe not. Honestly, I can’t tell right now. Allowing people to play as a non-human in this game is an experience I’m taking. So I’ll have to see how things go. Half-orcs could work, but the backstory of the Wight King could make it impossible.

But I’m not saying ‘no’ yet.


@bl00dragon is she related to the old world somehow ?

Edit: I found it ! she was a god that was defeated and banished in the gods’ wars that lead to the destruction of the old world.
And she hates the wight king because it was the first one who lead to her fall from grace
is that somehow accurate ?


Good question. It is related to the old world, but wasn’t a major player at the time of its fall.

Oh, that’s quite nice. It could have been the case, but it isn’t. Good guessing work though.


Oh well goes back to snooping around almost 3000 posts


I don’t think you’ll find the answers earlier on this thread. I haven’t talked about this character before.


Who knows, I might find some clues to who she could be. You’ve talked about the old world before and she’s related to it even if she wasn’t a major player. There’s no telling what I can find in the sacred texts :smirk:

Edit: @bl00dragon could you also confirm or deny that she’s a god ? That would make things much easier


The codexes! Hide the codexes! :japanese_goblin:

Once, people called her a godess.


@bl00dragon So this I̶s̶n̶’̶t̶ is my last attempt

she was a minor goddess, when whatever it was that rebelled against the gods (I’m assuming it’s the entity that controls the WK, since the gods’ war started a few years after the first wight king popped up) she was small enough not to appear on that entity’s radar. So she escaped death or confinement and now lives as a god-like spirit waiting for the wight king to show up to have revenge on them


There. Fixed it. :grimacing:

Ha, people once called me sane, sure didn’t make me that. :crazy_face:


Fascinating update. Loved all of it.


Renaming Bann Stone to Bann Blackstone because drama. :japanese_goblin:


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~ I believe That the lake lady is a minor goddess as the others said but is doing things to helpla the nice wight king…


Omg that update <3 this is seriously starting to plant it’s feet into my top 5 faves