The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Mwha? A villain? Well I’d never! My goal is to give everyone nice deep, tight hugs… around their necks. Clearly not villainous.


Misunderstood Wight King: I’m not turning people into zombies because I’m evil, I’m doing it because I want friends :c


The wight King will cuddle you! You big fat meanie Paladin…and that poor Lieutenant who had a face full of sword :crossed_swords:


Need… more!! Love it can’t wait till the next update :heart_eyes:


Glad you liked it. :wink:

I’m working on it right now, and I think a mini-update should be ready soon, to wait until the rest of chapter 1 is ready.


i think we knew each other somewhat well perhaps family of some sort or brothers in arms, or knew each other well in battle as rivals. id say my order of guess is
1 family (biggest guess possibly ancestor)
2 brothers in arms
3 rivals


IF he doesn’t remember us enough to know our name, and doesn’t know us enough to realize who we are after we give him our name, I’m guessing we were casual acquaintances at best.


that’s why my thought first was ancestor. maybe 3 or 4 generations back and we were on a painting, we could be brothers in arms in the sense we were a ancient Templar in the same way.


remember that we were buried in a tomb for nobility, kings, and heroes of old.


I’m also so glad I’m not alone who play as merciful wight, guess I’m want to give a cuddles to everyone to! :rofl: especially to paladins :smiling_imp: as much as I enjoy prospect of playing villains, it’s enough for me to meet a homeless sad kitten, to change my mind. It’s always the case for me, I always end up with good MC… Also I hope that were would be end where we can sacrifice ourselves to the greater good, to kill our inner evil, which trying to break free! :innocent: Just dreaming…


I wouldn’t be surprised for our nice, cuddling angel of a wight King would get the option to destroy himself before he turns full on evil


Wich could imply we were in fact brothers in arms or family since he was a very important paladin person…or maybe just a old king…though there was mention of us Being possibly places there. Could that not have actually been our original tomb? There was also implications that we were not to have been able to wake perhaps a great evil of old was there and we were meant to not ever arise we were put deep either we were a great person or we were the exact opposite perhaps both would instill possible recognition but not immidiate understanding of where if we were from a bygon era… so much speculations!


I’ve only read through once since the revision, but I recall mention of other, perhaps deeper, passages that we didn’t have time to explore. What if we weren’t the tombs great evil or king, but were supposed to be a guardian, buried to keep whatever was deeper from getting out. I’m probably dating myself, but I’m picturing Tal’Rasha from the old Diablo II game. Before he escaped, was corrupted, and became the final bad guy of that game. Perhaps we have a similar fate planned for us?


sniffs somberly poor diablo 2 franchise lost its luster with 3 and the massive purchasing in its tail end of 2 :sob: I will miss you diablo 2.
Anyways could be… at this point any speculation could be true unless someone spills the beans on one of us being close or not…:innocent:


I’ve made some good progress on chapter 1, with a new scene before meeting Helena and character customization reworked.

It has reached 5000 words, I’ll continue working on it and make a mini-update before chapter 1 is complete.


Gid demn it. Sorry, previous message was on the wrong thread. :upside_down_face:

Message is deleted now.


@bl00dragon can we have an option to name the wight king Alpharius, and then name all of their minions Alpharius too ?


They are all Alphrius even if they don’t know it yet


Mini-update - half of chapter 1 (12/05/2018)

I’ve updated the link with the beginning of chapter 1 until I’ve finished the whole chapter.


Well, this was… interesting. :thinking: Glad I tried it, even if I didn’t think I’d like being a wight, ha. :grin:

Glad you let me be a ‘nice wight’ :sweat_smile:

Random though about the hair - it was mentioned in passing to cut it, but could we keep it long (if indeed it is ever referred to again)? A tight bun under a helmet would stop enemies from trying to grab it (or princess Leia buns would make them not want to, heh!) if that is the main concern. :wink:

Easy to read and well written, and quite different. I enjoyed it. :slight_smile: