The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



You must not have played the original demo, since it has the PC raising a skeleton warrior and bonding their soul to a ancient artifact, so obviously the PC does have magic.

If memory serves though a wight king’s magic is different from wizardry, so I believe no fireball throwing or going “Leviosa!” with a wand in our future.

Maybe we can throw exploding skulls at people or making a magic suit of armor out of bones, though.


Yay! I didn’t offend the writer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…but yeah…I feel like the Wight King would be something more like Sauron…if only I could be evil kek


Now i can only imagine the Wight king as a toddler running around trying to figure whats what (terrorising the populace in the procesa)


Wight King: what’s scathing you? face is in shape of a demonic overlord
Random person: AHHHHHH!!!


A lot of people here seem to be planning on showing off their more monster-like skeleton form.

As for me, my MC is just gonna be some pale guy with short white hair who otherwise looks like any other fleshy mortal (although probably with above average looks).

If I could draw I would, but I can’t so I’ll leave this image someone else drew instead.

I like the look of the armor, so I’ll be going with this image in mind. All except for the helm. Don’t need that much precaution, am I right? :smile:


Honestly…my person will be pale as well…just with blond hair, tall, imposing, though just a gentle angel


My Wight King will be a kindly old man who won’t murder you unless you do something extremely offensive such as

  1. Insulting him
  2. Saying something that could somehow be taken as an insult
  3. Lying
  4. Sounding kind of like you are lying
  5. Breathing to much
  6. Breathing too loudly
  7. Breathing

As long as you follow those simple guidelines you will be perfectly fine.


Yea 2-6 are definatly on there.

I immediately thought of a slightly less scarred, paler vash the stampede wich I’m perfectly fine with…:blush:


You want to be nice? You are the most powerful undead in the world, the proverbial devil made manifest in the physical world as the harbinger of the apocolypse, and you want to be nice? :laughing:


Well, there’s no universal rule that says all powerful beings have to conquer the world and spread chaos to ever corner of it right? If they want to be different, I say more power to 'em. :smile:

As for myself, I can’t play as a villain ever. Always mess it up when I try. :sweat_smile:

Although, MC will still defend themselves if others attack first and ask questions later. He’ll try to keep bloodshed to a minimum and only do as is necessary.


I’m too kind…literally when you are first fighting the Templars I wanted their to be a choice where you say sorry after each strike…or where you cuddle and heal their wounds kek


Conquer the world, yes. Bring chaos to it, no. At least, that wouldn’t be my intention. The game almost sets it up as though you are required to take over the world, like you would be doing the world a favour by throwing down all these living nations and tyrants and crazy cults.

I used to be like that, once. You get used to being evil in games after a while. :wink:

Awww, aren’t you adorable. :grin: If I ever scheme to take over the world and had to face an adversary who would stand against me, I sure hope it would be you. :wink:


Hmm, there’s something that keeps bugging me. I don’t really remember, but when I had finished reading I had a feeling that whoever MC was, he knew Asterius in his previous life or something… I wonder, what kind of drama behind this, or its just me :slight_smile:


Yeah, I noticed that the MC sorta recognized him as well. Possible sneaky backstory here? :thinking:


I doubt they new each other personally though… I mean, how long has it been since MC died? For how long has he been in the coffin? Asterius probably wasn’t even born… Or I’m wrong?


:man_shrugging: Maybe Asterius` uncles-fathers-daughters-cousintwiceremoved-roomates-goldfishes-partner knew him? (or something distant like that)


Or perhaps MC was some (in)famous warrior/tyrant/conqueror and Asterius grew up lisening to stories about MC


We looked familiar to him so there is probably a statue of us somewhere, perhaps in the tomb where we were buried as Asterius had almost certainly been there before


Clearly we busted down his family door.


Well, nothing is stopping you from trying. XD

Sometimes, the “villain” just doesn’t have a choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

The cuddly-diddly Wight King. :3

Asterius on the ride home from the church:
“… Now I remember! That was ornate oak etched with the history of my ancestors, you villain!” Shaking fist vengefully into the air.

Seriously, I think I’m gonna keep it shut about this. I just love seeing your theories about it. :smirk: