The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



That’s almost chaos undivided, you need some Slaanesh over there.


@Nazroth , he does allow some level of excess, but only to his lieutenants (the living of course, since the dead won’t feel a thing), since he believes allowing the common soldiers that much freedom would lead to extreme lack of discipline (he does allow the living into his ranks, but he disdains them for refusing his gifts and doesn’t allow them to advance in the ranks as far as the undead)


Honestly before I go any further…holy wight…wasn’t expecting this…first wip I read and I immediately died and came back to life…wow…when I first saw “work in progress” I thought it was gonna be a buggy mess no offense but when I read I was like ‘dear lord…it feels like it’s almost finished’ which lead me to love it…even though I’m too nice for that world kek


Can we romance Bann Stone?


i wanna know if we can romance anyone, the undead need some lovin’ too lmao


@nulCat there will be ROs, both living and undead


Wow, I was just kidding but now i’m even MORE interested (i’m always a sucker for romance in anything)


My mistake then :sweat_smile: , I thought you were serious


well i might be >…> yea, i’m a confusing person lol
if you don’t mind me asking, if you like choose to play a good, or evil or even an inbetween character would have any effect on the ros? like if you play a mainly good character and try to keep carnage to a minimum if an ro (that would be open to an evil character) be unavailable ? … I’m bad at wording things so i hope you understood what i mean >.<’’


None taken. XD

Glad you liked it, I don’t feel like this is anywhere near completion, but I’m actively working on it. :wink:

Honestly, I can’t tell right now. I’ll have to see how things evolve further down the road, but I’m not writing her off as impossible to romance.

I don’t think so. Beside a particular character that I haven’t introduced yet, few take any pleasure in being evil for the sake of it. Some characters will be disgusted by your actions if you go down the darker ways, but most of them are pretty grey themselves and won’t turn you down because of it, unless you really cross the line.


Uhhh not sure if this was already asked but,
Are any of Ro’s restriced in any way?


You mean in terms of what gender they like?


Yeah, gender, good n evil choices etc…


Only some of them are restricted by gender, same for alignment.

Whether they’ll be attracted or not depends most on how you treat them, on the actions you take with them, even some of the more good-hearted might end up seduced by an evil Wight King.

Another thing about the Wight King is their presence, they are an intoxicating character that warps your mind by their simple presence, it’s not what tips the balance on either side, but it is also a factor that makes ignoring some of the King’s undesirable trait easier.

I like to think about the Wight King’s presence as the way Sauron appears when surrounded by the eye of fire, completely overwhelming everything else, you become all-encompassing, as if they looked directly into the sun and couldn’t avert their gaze. And this presence grows stronger with you.


I have a question about the technology in your world, is it purely medieval or there are more advanced inventions like early guns and cannons?


Got it no baby armor or running for office…


IIRC the closest thing to cannons they have is mages, which brings the term “mage fodder” @bl00dragon suggested before


This world is mostly high medieval in terms of technological advances but there is still some more modern technologies available, left as artefacts of the old world, for example, most great cities have fully functioning plumbing systems. The high elves are the most advanced species of the planet, but most of their technology relies on magic or mechanisms retro-engineered from old world technology.

There is no guns or cannons except a magic-based prototype, because of a particularity of this planet. Gunpowder is extremely rare, to a point finding enough to produce even a single stick of dynamite would take dozens of years, and no one knows how to make it. The people of this world don’t even know such a thing exists, and so they never even thought of making explosion weapons.

The only prototype of ‘gun’ in the world is an invention made by a group of insane mages trying to find a catalyst enabling long-range casting. That propells canisters filled with energy and runeforged to explode and free their spell under impact. And that prototype was stolen, as well as the original plans, so making more is harder for those mages.

Quite true. Stronger mages would be “big bertha” while most mages would be like living howitzers. XD


That makes me wonder, does the Wight king have any magical abilities of their own ?


Everyone here is talking about romance and I’m still waiting to play the “Resurrection by Erection” song…