The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



Well there is this Aura thing that regular humans don’t have. Also you got a lot of scars (though humans can have scars too)


Yes. They are not a rotting mess because of their regenerative powers, but they are sickly pale and their eyes illuminated by their magic. But beyond that, they look very human at first.

You will get opportunities to turn yourself into more monstrous forms later. But the monstrous nature of the Wight King shines most in their powers, it’s really when they use their powers that their true nature is revealed.


The difference is that a regular human can’t see auras, and theirs are so weak that they are barely visible. Powerful humans are more like the Wight King. But the Wight King is so powerful that their aura can be felt even by regular humans unless they actively suppress it.


Does the Kaiser and other powerful people have visible auras too?
Also you say they are sickly pale but in the old demo there was an option to choose your skin color I think


Yes, when they use their powers. When they don’t, you will only feel the ‘pressure’ of their presence, imagine it like gravity pull, the stronger you are, the greater your pressure.

You are sickly pale for your skin color. If you have a darker skin tone, it will be more ashen.


You gave me the idea of turning my undead skeleton army into a undead robotic skeleton army


Will that effect any romance options?


Some, yes. Not everyone is willing to see beyond the appearance of a monster.

But those forms won’t always be permanent. Nor will you turn yourself into a complete monster unless that’s what you wanted.


Who will be the ROs?


An interesting question when the protagonist is undead. They are essentially a walking corpse. But, who knows, some might be into that kind of thing. :laughing:

This game certainly reminds me of Dark Souls. Nameless, accursed undead. Unfit to even be cinder. I picture my undead protagonist much like the knight character, though perhaps in more flasher armour that you get later in the game. :slight_smile:


I don’t want to spoil every ROs before they are even there. But I’ll you that Helena, Dandelion and Elizabeth will be romanceable.

I like your vision of the main character.


I picture the Wight King at first something like this

And then having some more ornate, terrifying and ominous armor later if WK chooses to, I imagine mine something like this


@Nazroth I think they both look good. :slight_smile: Who are these characters? The first one looks like it comes from a comic.

Hmmmm. How would those romances work? Would these characters be able to develop true loving feelings for the protagonist, despite them being undead? Or would it be more along the lines of… you simply being an incredibly powerful undead creature and that they are seduced by your power, effectively entrancing them into giving themselves to you?


The first one is from the manga Goblin Slayer and the second one, I don’t really know, I just found it one day while looking for stuff in google images.


Elizabeth is a vampire, Dandelion is a wight knight and Helena is a banshee, so as fellow undead they don’t really care that you are an undead. But each of them has a very different way of handling romance.


Ah, I see. For all the RO’s themselves to be undead would make things much simpler. :slight_smile:


Something that pops into my head whenever I envision the Wight busting open his tomb



Lol I imagine the Wight King going out silently from the grave and when the Templars all see him and get shocked and scared he’d be like “wassup guys”


Not all the ROs will be undead. But those that are wouldn’t be bothered by that.


Could you romance a Templar/Paladin?