The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



There cannot be two wight kings. One must die for another to rise.


How is it determined who will be born as the wight king? Do you have to be someone powerful? Also do you have to be dead or you could transform while still being alive?


You have to be powerful, dead, and some other specifics I don’t really want to tell now. You’re not born Wight King, you’re reborn as one.


How long has it been since the previous wight king died? Also, did the previous wight king acomplish much?


I haven’t thought of a specific span between Wight Kings, between 1000 and 500 years for the last one. The last one had a particularly violent and short reign. They were responsible for the dead zone in front of the only entry to the kingdom of Arkadia, the tainted zone called the Scar, into which nothing can live. It goes from the mountains of Arkadia to the borders of Nevarra.

This Wight King and Dandelion didn’t really get along, neither did the rest of the wight knights.


I wonder will we be able to turn/corrupt paladins to join our side
Also do knights have any sort of moral compass or they obey our will without question


Could we fix the scar so things could survive there not weak things like brutal and Savage in some cases hellish creatures that will keep people busy


mising a space the an should be a


Are all wight knights loyal or do they have their own free will so their own personalities thoughts etc


Paladins are more resistant to every kind of corruption, but they can still be corrupted, at a higher price.

The knights are independent beings, each with their own powers, personality and moral compass. But you can force them to obey as long as your grip is strong enough.

No. Only time may heal this wound.


Will we be beating the dark thing in our mind with the Litany against fear?


You’ll see, it might not be so simple. :smirk:


Hmmm i would love to harness power of that Dark entity …but what would be the price for something like that…


Precisely. :japanese_goblin:

Power often comes at a cost not everyone is willing to pay.


How many undead are there in your kingdom/land in total? And how many soldiers in total the templar order have?


Theory the Dark thing in your mind is the previous Wight King trying to take over your body.


Your kingdom has not even risen yet, it might be a bit early to count your soldiers.

Depends how much they conscript. In Arkadia alone they have about 30000 permanent soldiers(Arkadia is about 75% the size of France). But you also have to count on the soldiers in Meidia, which is a much larger empire, with much larger ressources but that’s also occuppied to the south-east by another war.

(The templars replace the regular armies in conquered land, they absorb almost every military organization, that’s why there’s so much of them and why many are scrubs)

Nice try, could have been. But no, it’s not it. :smirk:


I didn’t mean the kingdom you make but like the kingdom where the game takes place in (Arkadia I think?)
Also will all other kingdoms (like the Kaiser empire) see you as an enemy or it might be possible to have more friendly relations with them?


The undead presence in Arkadia is average. There’s a vampire domain, a few groups of undead scattered across the land, but most important groups of undead travel from country to country, like the banshees. But many powerful undead travel alone, without someone to coordinate them.

Human kingdoms have very little chance of ever allying with undead. And few non-human kingdoms would either. The dark elves would be the most likely to have friendly relationships with you if they think they’ll benefit from it.


What are the dark elves like Warhammer dark elves or Skyrim Dark Elves?