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This strom fits description of a Raid boss
Also hooray for wrigh knights i think i’ll be satisfied with around 9 of em


It’s a question of potential. The Wight King has the most potential out of any other undead and therefore is supposed to be the most powerful undead. But there’s some other creatures that can reach a similar level, because the Wight King’s power is relative.

Yes, there’s exceptionally powerful people, like the Kaiser, like Strom, like the Wight King that are so above the fray that they could face overwhelming numbers alone and come out on top. This is why heroes are so important for the military power of a country. If you don’t have heroes of your own, your armies could be crushed by much smaller forces because a hero leads them and no one on your side could face them.

There’s a limit to their power however, and recklessness has killed a great number of heroes before. Powerful doesn’t mean invincible, even a hero can die of a ballista bolt through the chest, of a fireball, even of the sword of a common soldier. Those heroes shine as much by their power as by their skill and common sense. A dumb hero doesn’t last long.

Strom is rumoured to be almost as strong as the Kaiser. And the Kaiser is an effing monster.


Is the Kaiser the strongest person in the world?
Can the Wight King with full potenial beat him in a 1 on 1 situation?
And what does their power mean, is it just offensive power or defensive power too?

How would their power be on a scale between Geralt of Rivia (powerful swordsman but can still die and will usually lose when fighting a group of like 10 people at once) and the Dragonborn (at max level with the OP enchanting items you could easily kill hundreds of soldiers like they were a joke)


I would be very happy with a personal royal guard. I’d probably get emotionally attached with them and give them names.


The Kaiser is the ruler of Kriegsgard, a place where military genius is the norm, they have the most powerful army in the world. And the way the Kaiser is chosen leaves no place for weakness. As the ruler of such a country, a Kaiser cannot allow themselves anything else but to be number one. The Kaiser of this era is surely one of the most powerful being in the world. He wields the spear of a dead god and is a thunderer(Kriegsgardian storm sorcerer) and duellist without equal.

In a one on one against the Wight King that has unlocked all their abilities, they would probably be equally dangerous. The difference is that the Kaiser is not immortal.

The Kaiser has almost no defensive abilities, beside protecting himself with magnetism or destroying what attacks him before it reaches him. While Strom could easily be defined as the hammer and the anvil (yes, both at the same time) the Kaiser would be the spear-head. His offensive potential is off the chart, especially when he uses the divine spear Calliban.

I don’t think my characters fit in a scale like that, not well at least. Many of them are very powerful, but at the same time very vulnerable. I don’t want my characters to have plot armour, if you shoot the Kaiser through the heart, he’ll probably die, he’ll kill you, but he’d surely die without help. Same as Geralt. But at the same time, he would never be caught anaware like that, he’s a monster far beyond the common human.

You could compare them to mythological heroes like Heracles or Odysseuss. Very powerful or cunning, but still mortals, they die like everyone else at one point.

But more minor personalities would be more like Geralt, exceptionally skilled individuals, but nowhere near the overwhelming power of the Kaiser or the Wight King.

The wight knights will act as your royal guard, or your agents in some occasions, they will also lead parts of your army when you cannot lead directly. But you will surround yourself with various, powerful allies that will act more as your personal guard than them.


Can the Wight King die?
You’re already dead, but I mean it if your body is destroyed or something. Would it die permanently or you’d regenerate (kinda like Alucard from Hellsing)


Some more characters:



  • Elizabeth Redtides of Blackstone (Vampire - Arkadia): Elizabeth has been kept under lock and key at Blackstone Keep for decades, away from danger by her dominus, the vampire that made her for reasons unknown as she surely is the most powerful blood mage of all vampires. Exceptionally, her dominus, the overlord of the domain of Blackstone decided to let her step into the world for a mission of utmost importance. So she roams the world with her chaperon to achieve the mission of her overlord. She is a young vampire, and was alone for most of her short undeath, there remains a childish side to her as well as an unconsciousness born of overprotection. While she can be quite haughty, considering many beneath her and not hesitating to remind them, she can also surprisingly show great compassion and empathy uncharacteristic of vampires. Despite her rebellious streak, she shows absolutely no desire to lead and has very little ambition. While she is a powerful mage, she is clumsy and unskilled with any kind of melee weapon.

  • Dandelion (Wight - Nevarra): Dandelion is a wight lord, having served other wight kings before you. He is quite silent about his past but is profuse in advice to you. He’s a strategical genius, a devious and ruthless one, but a master nonetheless. He shows a very confident and charming side to everyone, but can easily become scarily serious in a matter of second, his skill with his serrated, poisoned saber (Hydra’s Fang) and his magic shield (Roar of the Manticore) makes him an exceptional duellist and assassin. His leadership preserved the undeath of many other wight knights, and they have come to trust him as an unformal leader.

  • Helena (Banshee - “nowhere”): Helena is a banshee. She was always fascinated by the old world, and became as hungry for knowledge as any mage, roaming the land to search for informations wherever it could be found. She ended up stumbling onto old, forbidden records, speaking of a legendary ‘Wight King’, an undead so powerful that it made entire continents tremble in fear, and she thought until now that it was simply a story to scare children. Even then, she didn’t expect to stumble onto the new wight king in the flesh. She decided to travel along with this living legend. She learnt long ago that the best way to spend your undeath was spent laughing, especially when you’re fleeing a past that draws ever closer.


A Wight King can die, but are very hard to kill. When a Wight King is wounded, their body instantly starts regenerating. So, even if you can kill them, it might not be very useful if you can’t KEEP them dead. If there’s still energy for them to regenerate they’ll rise back up almost instantly.


How could you make it that they’d have no energy to raise? Being in a tomb doesn’t seem to work, you woke up after all.


There’s two way to kill a parasite. You can rip it off, or you can make sure it has nothing to eat. :smirk:


How would you do that though? If you kill someone yourself they could immediately take your energy. Maybe try killing them from afar? But then can there be something strong enough to take out the Wight King from a distance?
By the way does regeneration only comes from absorbing human energy or any sort of life forms (like animals, bugs, plants etc)


Hey! I’m not telling you everything! XD

Absorption is easier on simple life forms, so it tends to use plants and small animals first.


Ahh so a site where many tombs are is definatly not the best place what with all the little things that love those places to survive off of, and the fact plants grow well there for some reason…

Question what about chopping and putting them in several stone containers Barely big enough for the parts then burying them in the ground surrounded by stone blocks (like several meter thick rectangular blocks) on all sides?
Effective enough to ensure a king don’t get back up?
Edit: my phone keeps replacing words…grr


Chopping them up WILL temporarily disable them. But as long as the Wight King lives, the wight knights will know where each parts are, instinctively. Imagine it like Seth cutting Osiris into parts and scattering him around the world. Then the wight knights get the parts back one way or another. As long as they have enough of the head and a powerful source of energy the Wight King will slowly heal and regrow their mortal body.

But if they’re starved of energy long enough, the Wight King could die, but you can’t be sure it kills them, especially if it’s only rock and not magic that blocks energy flow. The Wight King can willingly go into some kind of mummy mode to save energy, so they could just wait for the wight knights to get them.

Killing a Wight King requires great sacrifices. It’s very hard. Starving them is a good tactic, but it’s only temporary. You need more to destroy them completely.


Yes. The wight king is particularly powerful near those kind of places, and Balespire Keep. Balespire has both the monolith and the fact that buried under it are the dead of many wars.


Hmm this raises a intresting question.
Can wight knights sense a wight king at a distance, and if so how far away?
Edit: and is it all wight knights or just those loyal to them?

Ok so several meters of stone on all sides might not be enough. Ok you mentioned enchanted things what if it was buried at a paladin fortress where the paladins regularly train and use thier holy power would that “holy power” help or hinder said king? It is a form of energy but is it a kind that would be like Diesel in a gas engine.


so the best couse of action is to imprison wright kings cuz he is pretty damn unstoppable


Fastest way to lose or die in any anime and story

  1. Declare I am unstoppable/indestructible.
  2. Challenge someone to a duel/fight or ignore the good guys.


Wight knights have a permanent empathic link to the Wight King, and a telepathic one when they are within 500~1000 meters. Basically, the wight knights would know in which direction the Wight King is but not exactly where, not unless they get close enough.

This is how Dandelion would lead the knights back to the king.

As an undead, holy magic is harmful to the Wight King. And they cannot absorb magic, not directly, they have a passive resistance against magic. I think something like 30% resistance and 10% absorbance.

That changes in mummy mode, all energy transfer is blocked and magic resistance is upped even more.

So it would effectively weaken them, but it could take several years to destroy one mummified part that way.

Villain 101 rule n°1: Never state you are invincible under threat of dying in the next five minutes.


Did any Wight Kings die before? You mentioned there were previous Wight Kings who made the knights, are they dead or still alive?