The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) Poll at post 2917 for side-project - half of chapter 1 done (12/05/2018)



I like that one. It’s pretty close to how I see my MC.


Tbh honest I imagined my mc as artorias the abysswalker


This is how my MC looks. Ain’t Ooal Goan Knight Armor mode


Prologue is almost finished. Once I get it done I’ll concentrate on Shattered.

By the way, all those visions of your MCs are cool as eff. :japanese_goblin:


Wich wip is shattered?


I imagined my MC more like a Nazgul from Lord of the rings.


i think my guy would look like this


The last one I talked about.

It takes place several centuries before the Wight King. Your character wakes up on the verge of death, having forgotten everything. You are saved by the people of a nearby village, and having nothing else to do you stay to repay your debt to them.

Until your past catches up to you and ends up destroying your new home, and revealing your dark powers.

Now, I don’t want to spoil too much. But one thing I’ll say is that you might not like what you’ll discover of yourself.


It took a while but I can finally focus on writing for the Wight King again. Soon my pretties, soon. :smirk:

And when no one was looking I also refreshed the first message a bit.

While I’m at it, I’m gonna do something I should have done a while ago! Updated character list(I’ll do a few templars at least for now, I’ll do the rest another day because it’s getting late)!


Four of them at least…


  • Asterius Lucius Iudex (Human - Meidia): Commander of the templar order, Adjudicator responsible for keeping order in the eastern region of Arkadia. He’s a stern man, someone able to show impressive pragmatism for a paladin, but still cares more for his men than his own life, or that of his superiors. He’s know as an excellent strategist, an expert tactician able to win even when outnumbered thanks to his support-oriented powers and strategy. He managed to win the loyalty of all under his direct command, and turned a mediocre fighting force into an elite that puts to shame many of the other templar forces. He was a loyal officer of Meidia operating in Arkadia until the rebellion, he then joined the paladins as they reclaimed Arkadia for the new king, Roland Lionheart

  • Strom Walhardt (‘Human’ - Kriegsgard): One of the greatest paladin of the era, and possibly the most powerful. Strom comes from the land of Kriegsgard, and even for them is extremely imposing, standing at nearly 2.5 meters above the fray. He was a legend, even before becoming a paladin, a legendary general of the Kaiser, and one of its closest friend. He defended Kriegsgard from Meidia during nearly ten years out of his thirty of service, never losing an inch and with minimal losses, even winning territory by letting Meidia batter itself against his invincible army. He’s known to be a master of defensive warfare, something quite unexpected compared to the storming tactics the Kriegsgardian often employ. He came to be tired of war, and voluntarily exiled himself from Kriegsgard, cutting a path through Meidia, until being recruited by an order of paladins and helping them liberate Arkadia.

  • Bann(arkadian title for lord/lady) Lyn Stone (human - Arkadia): A young woman that joined the templars only recently. She is a noble of Arkadia, but a landless one, as her family lost everything to the rebellion and left her as the last Bann Stone. She joined the templars as much out of conviction and piety as she did to the promise of claiming the land of the Stone once more. She has a deep desire to serve jutice and to do what is right, but is often overzealous and tends instead to do more hurt than anything else because of her hot temperament and self-righteousness. She is a skilled but inexperienced fencer, using the signature and unusual style of her family, a rapier paired with a thick armguard and gauntlet, she has the potential to become a paladin and Asterius took her under his wing to train her(as much out of good will as to steal her away from his superiors).

  • Annya “Annie” Kazrin(human - origin unknown): Annya is a childhood friend of Lyn, the only one she has left. She was adopted by Lyn’s parents when she was a very young child, because of the sudden interest their slightly older daughter took in Annya. She was brought up to be as much a friend to Lyn as (secretly) a servant, and once Lyn lost everything, she followed her until she enrolled by her side into the templar order. Though she has no particular talent with the blade, she has proven to have excellent judgement, and very sharp senses, which piqued Asterius’ interest and with the demand of Lyn accepted Annya into his service as well.

That’s all for today, but I’ll try to release at least three more description each day,


What is the Rebellion?

Now maybe a small idea depending on which weapon you choose have a option for having a primary handedness and have that affect some battles since in real life medieval times left handed fighter were difficult to fight against.

Also is there any organizations like the Templar’s except maybe more extreme or lenient?


The Wight King is ambidextrous, they can change hand in the middle of a fight if they want to, but since they use two-handed weapons it’s not always useful.

Arkadia was occuppied by Meidia during about 50 years before Lionheart led the rebellion against them.

There’s many organizations spread across the world, each with their own agendas. But the templar order is one of the strongest. The inquisitors work with the templars but are independent, the knights orders of Nevarra do a similar work there, and other holy orders are scattered around but none near Arkadia.

The templars were already a more extremist faction in the paladin order, but ended up taking over it and uniting with the templar order of Meidia, turning an organization of medium strength to a very real threat.


I got an eight…


Are there any other character aside from Templars?
It would be cool if you could build an organization of yourself instead of fighting alone. I mean you’re the Wight King after all, you should be able to recruit all the normal wights and undead as your soldiers.


Of course. You’re not alone on your own side. It would be like if Sauron was the only enemy of the good guys in the whole middle earth.

And yes there’s much more characters. Yesterday I came back home for ‘insert tedious obligation here’, it was late and I had to wake early today for ‘tedious obligation’, so I didn’t have time to post more character descriptions.


My curiosity is spiked now. Do we get undead minions?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I often forget that not everyone was there from the start. Yeah, a part of the game will be centered around recruiting allies and creating undead minions.


Is it good to play the old demo and see how it goes or it’s better to wait for new chapters in the revamped one?
Is the revamped one much better?


Uuu so will we have our own version of death knights …that will be so friggin cool


Kind of. The wight knights are a faction of legendary warriors risen by ancient Wight Kings, they are probably the most powerful undead beside the Wight King, and you might rise some of your own.

It’s hard as a writer to judge of the quality of your own writing. But I think I improved significantly since that time.

I think you better ask those that were here since the start, they might be better judges of whether or not what I’m doing now is much better than what I used to do. But I guess you could still look at the old stuff, it’s always interesting. But keep in mind that what I’m going to revamp might be very different.

So, guys, what do you think of the revamp compared to the original?


Is the Wight King the most powerful undead in the world?
By the way what is the world like, I saw a line in the game about many warriors that defeat entire battalions before. Are there like super powerful people that can defeat entire armies by themselves and are like bosses or something?