The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



Hurrah hurrah and nice very nice work with shattered loved the update keep up the good work man seriously your one of my favorites on your I deeply appreciate you feeling my need for gory slicing enemies apart action now that my Overlord show is done with for now anyways keep on trucking and I’ll be awaiting the next part in the Wight Kings story and lastly…HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH


I can’t wait for my undead emperor back in action again💀


I love both Wight King and Shattered im looking forward to what you do with them.


I love WIP, your writing skills seem to improve a lot congratulations :blush:. I hope you keep updating the WIP and have fun writing as much as I reading your story :kissing_heart:


Hey, I’m sorry that I’ve been so silent. But being a student means throwing whatever free time and will to work you have down the school’s throat to constantly feed that damn monster.

Fortunately, I haven’t completely stopped working. I kept on writing material for the Wight King on paper, and I just need to seriously work on turning that into text files. I’ve also been tripping on the same scene for quite a while unfortunately, so I haven’t made as much progress as I hoped though.

I just hope next time I’ll bring good news. XD


we can only hope XD


this your story take all time you need


@bl00dragon Found a bug.


That’s not an actual bug. It’s something that probably comes from the hosting since it’s there since the time I updated to this chapter despite the fact that I fixed it. I can’t really do anything about it.

Try clearing your cache or playing in a private window.


I could be wrong, but I feel like I remember reading on the choice intro page that the indents for choices had to match up. It seemed super adamant about that. I guess because the code is so simple it needs to be consistent otherwise it won’t work.


Yes, I know that well, but the indentation is correct in the code.

As you can see, there’s no problem with line 167 or the rest of the choice, the indent is respected.


That’s weird. I reloaded the game several times and that error happened every time. I basically had to avoid that choice like the plague. Maybe you should ask one of the admins if they have any thoughts. Regardless, I very much enjoyed the demo and look forward to playing the full release.


Yep, it’s weird because I even checked the uploaded code on Dashindon, and there’s nothing here either.

I already asked before, and apparently there’s nothing you can really do about it. Apparently it works in a private window, but I don’t realy know since my local version always work.

Have you played both demos or only the old one?


I didn’t even know there were two versions. I played the new one though. I just clicked the first demo link on the page.


Then pick it up :blush: then you won’t trip

Mass extinction of doors and non dark elves

Finals, so many essays (God I hate English)


Ah yes the day we all dream of… except those foolish door and elf lovers.

And now on a off topic note I’m really really mad at Ubisoft for what they did to Assassin’s Creed.


I’ve been talking to a friend about some more lore for the Wight King, and I thought it would be interesting to post it here as well, so here is a thing about The Guild.

It’s kind of rough and probably not final, but here is the concept.


The main reason why the Guild exists is because there is far too much surface to cover for more powerful but smaller organizations. The Guild works across the entire continent while other groups will often have just a few areas they reach, and so few members it is difficult to call them to help.

Don’t hesitate if you have a question, or something to point out.


Why does the sky not break apart?
What is the winning lotto numbers for my area?
When you sleep does the universe die and get reborn?
Are you really my father or are you not lord Vader?
What is Frankenstein’s education area in and what College did he attend.
What number wight king are we?
final question what is the name of the first wight king?


Nanomachines, son!

The answer is 42, it’s always 42.

Depends what kind of mushrooms you’re on… And if you’ll give me some. :japanese_goblin:

I’m actually John Cena.

Monster High… no, I’d rather not remember this exists.

Good question. Probably between thirty and fourty.

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