The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



I thought he was a myth, like the queen of England or the Easter bunny!


Nah. Many gods on Shinra are real, or were. Gundhyr was one of the very rare gods that were once mortals though. He’s kind of the ultimate badass in Kriegsgard’s mythology. He did a lot of what the myths say, but they embellish the story quite a bit as well.


So is he still real?

Spare a prayer for a wright king?


He dead bruh. Fought to the death, and gave to his people the last of his essence in his dying breath, throwing his spear, Caliban, at the feet of the one he chose to become the first Kaiser.

Then again… death didn’t stick the first time…


And of course you still taunt me with the spear…

I just want to penetrate people with electrifying intensity happily.

When does it ever?



The Wight God sequel confirmed :slight_smile:


How does a mortal become a god?


When you buy her a beer.

There’s no step-by-step guide. Gundhyr didn’t even notice at first, until people started to bow before him, until he felt their faith make him strong.

It’s kind of hard to explain, because the circumstances can vary greatly between individuals.



Hmm, is the Wight King going to be able to choose a religious preference?

I can just see it now “You’re the Wight King, scourge of the living, you aren’t supposed to worship insert deity here.”

“My religious freedom is under attack, help, I’m being oppressed!”

I’m reminded of above someone comparing my Wight King to Deadpool.

Maybe I should call my character Wightpool.


I don’t think so. During their past, during their childhood, they came to understand that no god deserves to be praised. Living day after day, cursing the gods, for nearly two years. That didn’t make them very… receptive.


oh the easter bunny is very real. Your right about the queen though.
Praise the wight King if enough people pray godhood is just around the corner!

I stole the book
inhales Step one Get people to worship you en-mass step two Shadows take Book back …ok then we have step one.


I’m just really confused on why this is such a big deal lol :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: why can’t we all just enjoy this game? A wonderful awesome game I should add.


Now you’re just lying. Not only did I explain this to you not so long ago, and I already did so for other people a few times already when I was asked. The demo didn’t even reach the point people call you a Wight King, so of course there’s no explaining that in the game yet.

You’re the one that insists on making me change my work to fit whatever you think is best.

You assumed wrong. I corrected you once already.

Or perhaps you could drop the issue already and let me do things my way since I’m the author and I already told you that I refused to change my work to follow your “suggestion”.

I discourage you from bringing this up one more time.

Here 100% canon lore reason why it must be Wight King

So longass time ago little Timmy the toymaker’s son, hated the world so very much and always ranting about how he will be king one day…
As time went on his hatred grew and he became one of most fercious warriors of his time, but it was not enough for him, he wanted more
Little Timmy began dabbling into dark a d forbidden arts of necromancy, it would provide him the means to bring everyone to their knees. His army grew into numerous legions creating death and destruction in their wake, yet little Timmy was not satisfied, there was certain humanity keeping him at bay. So he decided to rip out his own beating heart crushing it and becoming udead himself, then he entasked one of his master smiths to forge him a helmet of twisted metal that would allow him to see vast distances and 9 necklases for his most trusted generals. But no King rules forever and combined forses of the world put a stop to his reing.
Henceforth, all of his sucessors carry the name wright King… the people might forgotten tale of little Timmy the toymaker’s son but tale of wright King still echoes on…


Is this the same Timmy?


Yep, Timmy Is also swole


the swelling will go down in a few days hopefully.


wight is ghost feed of human souls to live if get this right


Yo. After the last update to Shattered I’m going to focus on the next update for the Wight King.