The Wight King(WIP - REVAMPED) New update, chapter 1 finished and reworked (01/02/2019)



There’s a dark side in everyone😊


True. Take me, for instance. An annoyingly goody-two shoes IRL and in games, but I still like pineapple on pizza… :cold_sweat:



I’m nicer on the internet than I am in person :blush:


I’m actually a dog that pretends to be a human


I thought you were an octopus.


Pineapple on pizza?? Heresy!
Ok I don’t hate it just my second least favorite topping, just above onions, and just below anchovies.

Soo…your a saint to all but people who play as Santa’s little helpers?

And here I thought you were a wolf pretending to be the leader of the cult of Cthulhu.

That would be @CultOfCthulhu’s second cousin


Nah jk I’m actually the Goat the cult was looking to sacrifice but I covinced the cult that the original cult leader that he was a goat and I’m the actual leader of said cult


Pure genius


Darn Santa didn’t come by my house last year. This time I’m prepared


Any holidays in your world?


Gentlemen, this year, is the year we finally get that bastard. :japanese_goblin:

You mean between a demonic invasion and one country or the other trying to seize more power for themselves? XD

Yeah, there are popular festivities, and religious holidays depending on who they’re praising. The fringe villages don’t do any of this though, it would be too good an occasion for a monster’s free meal.

The villages near dangerous zones on the fringe of civilization are mainly outposts to know if something big is approaching and warn the capital ahead, it’s not uncommon for one to be founded and destroyed or abandonned in the same year. The people there are often of a rougher sort, adventurers, mercenaries, bandits, any kind of men and women seeking a life away from the law. Though some may last and become real fortified checkpoints for both the army and any kind of traveller.


Who are the popular deities? I only know BOB and door.

When the world is ending you gotta drink your problems away.

I’ve stuck laxatives and sleeping pills in the chocolate chip cookies, bear traps in the stockings and a capture net around the tree. It’s gonna be a pain setting it up after we take down the Halloween decorations.


There are hundreds of cults to often long-destroyed deities, but the core religions/gods in the Wight King’s time are these:

Amon, godess of the Sun:
Amon reigned over a large part of the known world in her time, spreading from Nevarra to almost the entirety of the west. She’s the godess of rulers, of wisdom, of supremacy. She’s the one that rises every day, unbound and with nothing to challenge her.

Gundhyr, demon god of storms and war:
The Kriegsgardian do not worship Gundhyr, not in the way other species would. They honour him onto the battlefield, by shows of might and tactical supremacy. He’s a very important figure to every warrior of Kriegsgard, there is absolutely nothing forcing you to follow Gundhyr, but it is the norm there. Though Gundhyr is considered a demon god by every other country, and is still feared even today.

The Maker/God/Almighty/Great One, monotheistic almighty godly figure of Aquilea.:
Aquilea was the first country to introduce the concept of monotheistic religion, in the form of the Maker, a nameless being that suposedly created mankind and is the one that would lead them and save them when the end times come. This is the main religion in a good part of the world because of Aquilea’s influence.

These are the main ones, there are others that are pretty important as well, but I haven’t given them enough thought yet.



Welp, Gundhyr was actually more the barbarian kind of god, he didn’t wear much armour. And of all gods, he was the most human, the closest to mortals.

Imagine him more like a mix between a younger Odin and Conan. With a spear able to cut cities in half with a thunderbolt.


Dayuuuum. Cool gods :slight_smile: Didn’t know The Maker also invented the fantasy guitar. Gundhyr looks and sounds awesome!


So… super Cu Chulainn?


Except Cu Chulainn is basically Kenny with Gaebolg, he dies so much I just laugh every time. XD

And Cu Chulainn doesn’t have a glorious beard. And isn’t a walking, asskicking middle finger to gods in general but also the only being that managed the wound the creature that devoured many of the gods.


Not when he’s caster! Or alter, he’s pretty fun.

Though fate kind of changed him a lot. Supposed to be fourteen , and died standing by tying his intestines to a rock.

Gundyr’s real?!


So Cu Chulainn berserk then, still missing the beard though.


I don’t even know if you’re joking or asking anymore. XD